We all have things we prefer over the other, such as eating at home instead of eating out or going to the beach over the countryside. This idea also works with how we keep our documents. If you’d rather have the notes from a Powerpoint Presentation to be a PDF file, then keep reading!

When do you need to convert PPT to PDF?

There can be a time that our professor will hand us out a Powerpoint Presentation, or that we are too lazy to note all the discussions from the report. If you’d rather have your Powerpoint presentations as a PDF file, then there is a solution for that. You are going to need a ppt to pdf converter for this method.

How to Convert PPT to PDF

Things that need to change always have to go through a process that works with PPT to PDF documents. There are dozens of PDF converters you can find online that are both free and paid.

Which PDF Converters to Use

We all have our preference, but picking the PDF converter you want to use is not just some kind of color you can pick. In other words, picking which online PDF converters won’t matter regardless of the choice you make. Choosing the right PDF converter is a critical choice.

What is a PDF File & Why Do We Still Rely on Them

You might think that online converters will require you to pay a fortune, but that’s not the case. Although there will be software and online converters that will do that, with PDF Bear, you will have the choice to use their tools for free or for a price, and the best part of this is that you don’t have to download anything to use them.

Back then, converting documents will require you to go to professionals and pay for a lot, but PDF Bear lets you do that on your own for free! Just go to PDF Bear’s website and find the PPT to PDF converter.

PDF Bear will provide you the tools and the instructions on how to use them. They have made it sure that their tools will be accessible to all people in four simple steps that are easy to comprehend so that they won’t have to go through a complicated process.


There are so many issues regarding online PDF converters, and most are bad. Online converters to many people’s eyes are a terrible idea since they “rob” their user’s data privacy without them knowing or without consent. It is true to some, but it doesn’t apply to all online converters.

PDF Bear will ensure that your data and your private information will not be leaked to unauthorized people. They have a special technology that they use, that they specifically mentioned in every tool they have. Having a system that protects the user’s privacy is important.

You don’t want to have your information taken by random people that could possibly ruin you or your company’s privacy. With PDF Bear, you won’t have to worry about that since PDF Bear will keep your data and information confidential.

Even if you forget to remove your files from PDF Bear’s website, they will make sure that the documents will be deleted from their website in an hour after you convert and download your PDF documents. If you wish to know more about it, you can check out their Privacy Policy.


The device is safe to use when the documents are converted to another but is capped. Most providers ask you to access the ordinary resources common to many other digital pdf applications. Nevertheless, for an inexpensive and realistic cost, PDF Bear will give decent services and facilities.

You will always find out how valuable PDF documents are to be processed with a PDF bear, even if they are free of charge. You get more of this great tool without any limitations from the premium service!


You will always choose which PDF converters you want to use and whether you want to use them for free or for a price. Regardless of which and as long as it arrives at the same results, then that is already a good thing.