Are you planning to buy a TV set for your new house? Or maybe you want to replace an old one? Whatever your reasons for buying, you need to consider installing a TV antenna.

Despite the availability of cable and satellite TV, over 16 million American homes choose to go for TV aerial installation. This is because a TV antenna offers some key benefits.

You can enjoy a variety of free programming. Moreover, you will get uncompressed HD viewing quality.

The question now is, should you take on the installation task or should you hire a professional TV antenna installer?

Continue reading below as we discuss the reasons why you need to consider a professional TV antenna installation.

Hiring a Pro vs DIY Installation

You can install your TV antenna. But hiring a TV antenna installation service is the wiser choice. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons why you should hire a professional TV installer today:


Even if you have the most stable ladder at home, the fact that you will climb up several feet to your roof exposes you to an accidental fall. But hiring a professional installer for the job keeps you away from that risk.

A professional TV antenna installer knows the ins and outs of installing antennas. They know how to work around obstacles that may be too tough for the average homeowner to work with. These include your trees, gutters, and skylights.

Moreover, professional installers know how to avoid those power cables. Within these cables flow enormous amounts of energy. Tripping on any of these cables may lead to electrocution.

Saves a Lot of Time

Since professional installers have the skills, knowledge, and tools to install TV antennas, you can expect them to complete the job faster than you can. They are capable of working on different conditions.

Though they can finish the installation fast, they can do so without compromises. Regardless of how complicated your home’s design is, a professional installer knows where and how to install the antenna.


If you choose to install the antenna, you will have to do some online research first. You need to look for online guides that you will follow in real-time.

Moreover, you will have to get the right tools for the job. You need to borrow a stable ladder, get the right fixings, and invest in safety gear, which will cost you extra.

Additionally, you will have to ask if there are any regulations concerning electrical work.

On the flip side, hiring a professional installer will cover all those tasks. An antenna installer comes with all the right tools and safety gear necessary for the job. He will also know the existing regulations in your area.

All you have to do is relax while waiting for the installation’s completion.

Fewer Interruptions

With a professional installer working on the installation, you can expect fewer instances of signal interruptions. The installer will ensure that the antenna is in excellent working condition. He will cover all the bases necessary for you to enjoy the optimal delivery of the signal.

Apart from fewer signal interruptions, hiring an installer also reduces the amount of damage to your home. The installer knows the best areas to place the antenna securely.

In case you experience signal problems, you can contact the installer to fix the issues. A reputable installer provides technical assistance via phone, chat, or home visit.


Last but not least, a reputable TV antenna provider like Foxtel Installation comes with insurance. The first protects the installer.

This is crucial considering the high rate of fatal falls that happen every year. With insurance coverage, the company will take care of the hospitalization and medications of the installer.

Secondly, insurance also protects homeowners. Since installers are not perfect, they may have installation lapses every once in a while.

When this happens, the lapses may result in damages to your home. And if you decide to file an insurance claim, the insurance company may reject your claim. Thus, the insurance of the antenna provider will pay for the damages.

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Tips for Choosing the Right TV Antenna Installer

Knowing the reasons to hire a TV antenna installer is not enough. You need to know how to find the right one. Here are a few tips that will point you in the right direction:

Research and Due Diligence

Finding a dependable television antenna installations service starts with your research. Start by conducting background checks on at least three providers in your area. You want to find out more about their track record and history of service.

Check the online reviews on their social media pages or official website. Get a feel of what their previous and existing customers are saying about their services.

Also, ask for referrals from your relatives and friends. Ask if they are happy with their TV antenna provider.

Price Comparisons

Before deciding on a provider, make sure to compare prices. This can be tricky so you need to look closely into the perks that may come with the installation.

Also, be wary of companies offering services that are too cheap. There is a big chance their services are not that good. If their price is too steep, check the key advantages that come with the offer.

Office Visits

Last but not least, consider visiting their respective offices. Talk to one of their staff and ask anything and everything regarding their offerings. They must be able to provide clear answers to your inquiries.

Also, you want to experience how they treat their customers. If they are neither friendly nor professional, you may consider striking them off of your shortlist.

Go Beyond the TV Antenna

Hiring a professional TV antenna installer will do wonders. Not only will it save you time, but it will also ensure the quality and safety of the installation. But having a TV antenna is only one way of improving the quality of your indoor living.

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