Do you always keep scrolling and swiping your smartphone without any reasons? Sorry friends, but you seem to be addicted to smartphones.

It is because you are constantly in the company of your mobile phone without doing any constructive on it. And it may also be leading to difficulties concentrating on your daily chores and jobs.

Research indicates that the more dependent you are on technology, your ability to focus and social skills weaken.

If yes, then you need not worry as there are ways you can implement to keep off smartphone addiction with ease. Want to know those ways? Read on and discover more!

  • Go for a substitute phone

Designer Klemens Schillinger is credited with coming up with a substitute phone that looks like a phone to help smartphone addicts kick the habit. All those familiar actions on your mobile phone such as swiping, pinching, zooming and scrolling are available in a substitute phone. They are made of black polyoxymethylene plastic. It has stone beads embedded in the surface. These phones are not yet available for sales, and it was a part of the Vienna Design Week and may be able for sales later.

  • Track your usage

If you are addicted to your Vivo mobile phone and other models, then an app may help you! It may be ironic, but you can try to keep off addictive apps with another app. It may not be ideal, but apps such as Moment and SPACE may assist you in finding phone-life balance. It is done by monitoring the usage of your mobile phone and setting limits. With the technology advancement, you can even unlock samsung phone and change the sim as per your choice.

  • Stop scrolling

You should know that mobile apps such as Facebook, Instagram and more are designed with scrolling functions. It leads to consuming an endless feed of posts and more. But, when you are scrolling infinitely, it can lead to losing track of time. You may continue to spend time on your phone by clicking on the links and don’t know how much time you have spent on your device.

  • Calm your mind

When you get notifications on your mobile phone (someone liking your photo or commenting) it may lead to the release of dopamine in the brain. It is a chemical that leads to feelings of pleasure and may make you excited. Hence, whenever you get such alerts, you should try to avoid it. You should not go into the urge of checking the notifications quickly. To help you keep a cool and calm mind, you should ensure to meditate, exercise, and opt for Yoga and other activities that may relax your mind.

Smartphone Addiction

Many people don’t buy a phone due to the addiction bug that it carries with it, especially not provided to children. But, by following the discussed tips, you can easily keep off from mobile phone addiction. If you can use your mobile phone prudently, then a smartphone is nothing sort of a blessing to help you enjoy multitasking with ease.

If you want to buy a mobile phone without financial strains on your wallet, then you can divide the cost over a suitable tenor and pay only fixed EMIs.