Many people agree that Instagram is a very addictive social media platform. Even though Instagram is only available in the application version, people still love to use it.

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is considered to be one of the most popular social media services. Instagram has evolved over the years when marketers and customers saw the opportunity to develop business within the application.

You can also utilize the marketing power of this social media platform by embedding Instagram feed in your web design. This will not only enhance your brand’s authenticity, but also the brand’s trust.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of adding an Instagram feed to your web design.

Drive Instagram User-Generated Content to the Website


Your loyal customer can directly provide user-generated content (UGC) and such contents are highly valuable to the global audience. Use any Instagram aggregator to embed an Instagram widget for your website. This will help you with brand recognition and authentic content.

Instagram Feed Widget Can Shortlist Your Content

If you post irrelevant or inappropriate videos or images with the brand’s hashtags, it will be shown directly on the brand’s Instagram wall. This may lead you to public guilt as well as ruining the brand image.

When you use Instagram plug-ins to connect the Instagram widget to websites, be sure of relevant content, and take the entire charge of that.

You can also set filters or manual approval for posts. Thus, you can ensure that UGC is relevant to the brand only.

Boost Brand Reach and Awareness

One of the benefits of adding an Instagram feed is that it can enhance your brand awareness and reacha massive level. When people will notice your content, they will likely visit your Instagram profile too.

Boost Dwell Time

While a user visits your website, make sure they can access your Instagram feed so they don’t have to leave the website. If the user finds your content attractive or interesting, then they might start following you on Instagram. This will automatically increase your brand awareness and reach.

Makes Your Website More Vibrant

There are many social media plug-ins that not only help you to embed your Instagramfeed on the website but also customize your feed to give a vibrant and stunning look.

When you display this feed on your website, it’ll enhance website vibrancy. Hence, your users will love to stay on your site for a long time.

Increases Your Instagram Followers

A unique Instagram feed on your website will attract new followers, in addition to your existing followers.

Generally, most Instagram users follow only their friends and they think twice before following a company’s Instagram profile. After all, they will refuse to follow until you convince them.

A beautiful Instagram grid can help you to manage a large number of posts in one place. You can automatically update your Instagram feed to display all your latest posts. Nevertheless, a beautiful Instagram feed will drive back the traffic to your profile and increase your followers.

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Transactional Marketing

When you embed an Instagram feed on the website, it’ll focus more on transactional marketing instead of relationship marketing.

The main strategy of transactional marketing is to focus on increasing sales without creating any permanent relationship with any user. This strategy will generate profit steadily and easily.

Gather Data for Targeted Ads

According to, advertising is very much crucial to boost your reach on social media platforms. You must be thinking about how the Instagram feed on your website is related to advertising. When a large number of people visit your profile, they will likely add a comment on your content. Then Instagram and Facebook can use more data for ad targeting.

Yes, you can also target Facebook ads based on Instagram data. Using Facebook’s Ads Manager, you can generate custom audiences and target people who paid a visit to your profile and interacted with your content.

Enhance Sales and Conversion

When you embed an Instagram feed on a website, it increase search and user engagement. And the result you receive is enhanced conversion and better revenue.

When you increase your brand awareness and brand reach, users will love to connect to your brand. Remember one thing, your Instagram feed must be augmented with meaningful and relevant posts that seek users’ attention.


Here are the most important benefits of embedding your Instagram feed on your web design. It takes manpower; skills, money, time, and most importantly, dedication to develop Instagram handle and socialize with users. So, if you don’t have the proficiency in social media marketing, you should hire a professional online marketer to take care of the brand promotion.