One of the most important concerns people have when opting for a solar solution is, “what happens when there is no Sun?” The simple answer is that even when it is a cloudy day, solar panels use the sunlight available to power the system and generate electricity. While the efficiency of the PV panel may not be at its maximum, your solar system will still work, nevertheless.

Now, what if you want full power even when it is cloudy outside?

You may be wondering what about cloudy days, or when there is rain. Do solar panels work at night too? This is where a solar battery charger comes in. The battery stores excess power produced during the day which can be used later at night. Trusted brands like Luminous offer a wide variety of solar batteries that offer easy to read displays, remote monitoring and support up to 50 Amp of power. Designed to maximize the use of solar panels, they also offer two batteries of 12 volts each to ensure the best backup system.

Solar Battery

What Is the Distinction Between Solar Battery and Normal Battery?

Off-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) power equipment includes a battery for use at night to store the energy generated during the sunny hours, such as off-grid solar by RedEarth. So, in short, solar batteries store electricity from the sun, while traditional batteries store electricity from the power source.

Advantages of Solar Battery:

A solar battery charger is the best way to maximize the use of your solar system. By allowing you to store the generated energy for later, the battery allows you to use the energy based on your needs and not on the presence of the sun.

Solar solutions are the future as we tax our natural resources and city-wide systems leading to an unfair distribution of power. We also see more frequent and longer instances of power outages due to the gap in supply and demand of electrical power.

What are the benefits of a solar battery charger?

1) Permanently Reduce Your Electricity Bills

With a solar battery charger, you have the sun powering your appliances day and night. This reduces your dependence on the national grid. That means that you can bid adieu to sky-high electricity bills. The battery allows you to not only use power without the sun but also acts as a backup during power cuts.

2) Personally, Contribute to A Sustainable Future

In the face of a climate calamity, a solar battery charger is your contribution to a sustainable tomorrow. By reducing your carbon footprint and using electrical power grids, you can lessen the burden that we have placed on our natural resources.

3) Declare Your Independence from Large Energy Suppliers

With a solar battery charger at your disposal, you can be free of the electrical grid systems run by large corporations. The utility providers have a near-monopoly over our power systems and are often biased in the supply and pricing of power. Along with the electricity bill, you can also bid goodbye to these energy suppliers’ influence on your homes.

A solar battery charger is not only good for your home but is also good for the environment. They allow you to use the energy of the sun at your convenienceā€”reliable brands like Luminous offer the widest selection of solar batteries supported by a pan India service network. They offer specially built L Series and H Series Solar batteries that are deep cycle batteries rated C10 that provide your home with a longer-lasting power back up. They are especially optimized for solar and have very low maintenance and high-temperature performance. So, check out their online website or visit their store to find the perfect solar battery for your home!