Social media management is undeniably a tough job. Especially with the increase in the use of social media platforms, one can safely say that a social media manager has several tasks to do. From creating content to scheduling it and then promoting it, there’s a lot of work and it all requires some great communication and engagement that has to be maintained side by side.

In a nutshell, there’s no doubt that social media managers know a lot about their skills and expertise, and they know very well how to use it for maximizing exposure of a business or brand. A brand may initially withstand without the use of SEO, but as soon as aims to reach out to the massive and get worldwide exposure, they need to own a website and acquire organic traffic. There, they are in the dire need of learning SEO to advance their skills and build a digital footprint in the major search engine. They are required to learn local as well as global SEO.

For example, a business that may need to ensure its web presence in Cairo city, it may need to establish it links among local websites and directories. They need to acquire expertise or seek assistance from an expert to have SEO Cairo services.  As a social media manager you must have a little know-how of SEO. It’s imperative because SEO is the talk of the town and it plays a huge role in the success of a business online.

Target Keyword Research

The very first technique you need to learn from your colleague about SEO is keyword research. It’s simple to understand because it’s not the websites that rely on target keywords, in fact, even the social media campaigns require keywords. Most social media managers think that their job is done when they create content and post it, well guess what? If you’ve been trying hard to get more followers and visitors and if you are failing at it then know that you are missing the keyword research part.

Just like websites, your social media content needs the support of specific keywords and hashtags. This isn’t for your visitors, in fact, it’s for the search engines because eventually, the search engines decide where your page falls. Your keywords are just a signal for the search engines that yes, you do have informative and engaging content. When you send out such signals, these engines bring your pages on top and that’s where you get all the visitors from.

SEO 2020

You need to work on it all, the traditional keywords, the performing keywords and most importantly for Instagram, you need to work on finding ranking and relevant hashtags. On Instagram, you are allowed to use 30 hashtags under one post and these are no less than 30 opportunities to attract your visitors to your page and increase your followers. In a nutshell, one thing is clear by now that yes, you do need to learn target keyword research from your SEO expert friend.

Creation of Content For The Mobile Users

More than 80% of people prefer using their mobile phones when they want to check the web, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channel. In fact, according to research, there are chances that this percentage will grow even more and there will come a time when every single person will have a smartphone. Now this is where you need to worry about optimizing your content and making it mobile-friendly.

Mobile readiness is imperative for both SEO and social media so this is another thing that you need to learn from an SEO expert. A person who optimizes websites knows the importance of mobile-friendly content which is why he is concerned about the readability of the pages too. The same is what you should follow as a social media manager. You are supposed to pay attention to the readability of your pages because as said earlier, more than half of the traffic you get comes from mobile-users.

Creating Engaging Visual Content

It’s not just the text but it’s also the images and all the videos that you use. At the end of the day a social media platform relies more on images, videos and graphics as compared to a website. However, a pro SEO can always help you in creating engaging visual content too. It takes only a few seconds for people to form an impression about your visuals.

This can be tricky because you somehow have to make sure that those very first few seconds end up putting an impressive impression on your viewers. As a social media manager, we don’t have to school you on the importance of creating attractive and engaging visuals because you already know that and that’s exactly what your job is.

But what we are trying to tell you here is that taking some help from an SEO expert is good because these people master in bringing traffic to websites using different strategies. You can learn about different online design tools and color themes etc that really work for them.

These are the three main things you need to know about SEO, especially if you are a social media manager. For now, it might seem like a lot to you but believe us on this that once you master all these skills, you’ll be able to take any business to a whole another level of success.