Milan is one of the most ancient cities in Europe with a rich culture and history to look into. Situated in the northern region of Italy, Milan is the second most populous country in Italy after Rome. The city has been recognized among the four fashion capitals with the areas of commerce, education, entertainment, finance, healthcare, research, and tourism also being among its strengths. The second world war bomb raids partly destroyed Milan after which the city reassembled itself into a flourishing business capital.

Milan would never disappoint you any time of the year on visiting. The winters leave you with a soft chill on your cheeks, and months followed by autumn are usually wet and misty. Milan has quite a different atmosphere as compared to typical Italian cities like Verona or Venice. The city has a unique historic vibe attached to it which pushes you to explore more of it. The cafes and luxury hotels in Milan also are designed breathtakingly with intricate details.

The culture and beauty of Milan attract a footfall of approximately 8 million tourists per year. The museums and art galleries contain important works by eminent personalities including Leonardo da Vinci.

Apart from this, the Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture fair are also currently among the world’s biggest in terms of revenues, visitors and growth. With interesting architecture and huge buildings, the properties in Milan are worth exploring.

Duomo Italy Milan

Everybody gets confused when it comes to choosing the best hotel for your holiday. The best way to choose your hotel is through filtering out the amenities which are of least interest to you. Choices feel great but too many choices can agitate a little bit. So let’s see how to choose the best hotel if you are visiting Milan.

A. Filter By Price

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to pay in somewhat middle, you can start with choosing the lower bracket for the price as you never know but an amazing hotel may lie in this bracket. If the luxurious stay is your priority filter your price in a higher bracket. Hotels like Canova, Berlino, Ritter are some of the hotels you’ll see when the price is set somewhere in the middle.

 B. Filter For Amenities

If wifi is your priority, you can apply the filter which says show hotels only with wifi, or for example a swimming pool, this way all the other options will automatically be removed which will save you from the trouble of choosing among so many.

C. Filter By Reviews

If you want to stay in a hotel with only 3 or 4 + ratings then you can filter out that too. The hotels with poor ratings won’t waste your time.

Below you’ll find some of the best yet affordable hotels in Milan with everything the visitor looks for before booking his/her stay: 

 1. Chateau Monfort

The hotel is situated in the heart of Milan, Milan city center. It is inspired by famous books and operas with the rooms based on fairy tale themes. Designed and decorated by Paolo Mezzanotte is at a short distance from important places to visit like Duomo ( Cathedral) and the Teatro Alla Scala, from San Babilaand Palazzo Reale.

2. Four seasons hotel

Four seasons hotel is situated at the center of Milan’s fashion district. It is just stepping away from designer boutiques and Duomo cathedral. The spa and the garden retreat surely relax the tourists and make their time well spent. The hotel once supported the church of a 15th-century convent. La Veranda, a restaurant in the hotel, has won awards for authentic Italian cuisine and serves food that is a delight to the taste buds. The 118 rooms and suites of the hotel are designed with precision and are diverse with a magnificent view to look upon the beauty of Milan.

3. Excelsior Hotel Gallia

it is situated right opposite the central station. The rooftop restaurant and the gigantic spa area provide the guests with a top-notch luxurious experience. The hotel is within 18 km distance from the Rho Fiera Exhibition. The rooms are embellished with pleasing Italian furniture and life-sized windows that make one’s stay worth the while.

4. Roommate Giulia 

It is situated in Milan city center. The hotel is minutes away from the Duomo cathedral and the fashion district. The hotel not only offers a minibar to the guests but also a fitness center with sauna. The hotel has a modern touch when it comes to the design and decorations that match the vibe of a city like Milan. The location of the hotel is at a feasible distance from the train stations and the airport.

Milan is a beautiful place and you ought to witness its beauty. For a successful trip choose the best hotels in Milan which have everything you are looking for a comfortable stay. Research well before you book your packages and don’t forget to not settle for less.