Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world. Tourists from all over the world go there to have the best of the times of their lives. Dubai is one of the most visited places not only from around the world but also Pakistan. Most people fly there from Lahore. Due to the abundance of travelers, Lahore to Dubai ticket prices is usually low.

The rapid pace of development in Dubai over the past few years is sometimes really difficult to comprehend and understand. Till 1990s there was nothing in that region but deserts. There was not even a marked highway system even to connect a very little number of people who used to live there.

But now the tables have turned and Dubai has turned into something which is beyond someone’s imagination until he/she goes there.

That is why Airblue provides the best and cheapest services to the people of Pakistan to Dubai. Airblue generally flies to and from intra-country destinations except for a few foreign destinations.

Dubai is one of those and the most travelled by Airblue. From Airblue online booking you can easily get your tickets to Dubai from the major cities of Pakistan.

Hidden Beauty

From the gigantic and incredible wonder that is known by the world like Burj Khalifa to the mind-bending and stunning scenes of the fountain of Dubai, the city has hidden beauties and true gems for anyone.

If you more like a calm person then you should definitely about these crowded places and the mobs of tourists. With us, you can explore some of the hidden dreamy places in Dubai.

The Coffee Museum:

If you like coffee and you consider yourself a lover of gaining experience, adventure and knowledge then this is the place for you. Because why not conjoin a very tasty coffee with a very rich learning experience. T

his place is tucked away in the Al Fahidi Historical District which is in the neighbourhood of Bur Dubai, which is classy, fine and an isolated venue. You can watch documentaries about coffee with demonstrations about roasting and learn about its history.

Big Red:

Before we learn about this majestic place, go ahead on Airblue online booking and get your cheapest tickets right now. Because after learning about this place you can never stay in your cosy rooms to avoid this place. This place is a striking red dune in the very heart of Al Badayer Desert. You can go there by a quick drive from the main city of Dubai.

You can find the finest and best tracks to bike, hike or drive through the desert. Here you can have the chance to inhale the wild side of exhilarating Dubai. This is one of the places where tourists usually do not go and still kept as a secret but now you can uncover this secret beauty.

Al Mamzar Beach Park:

This is an ideal spot for youif you want to spend somequality calm time of your life especially if you are with your beautiful little family. It is one of the most beautiful places full of amazing attraction, but most of the people don’t know about it.

The white sand spot is a perfect match for your family to enjoy your close nuclear bond. There are some picnic places as well with barbeques some fine restaurants.

Al Qudra Lakes:

This place is beyond the farms of Arabia and consists of a series of manmade but majestic and astonishing lakes. This place is home to more than 130 distinct species including ducks, a huge gaggle of geese and fascinating lovely swans.

These lakes are between Seih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shams. Both of these places were created and developed by the civic body which wasparts of an eco-project. These places are perfect for picnics.

If you want to have dessert adventure in Dubai and you are going from Lahore then check your lahore to dubai ticket pricesright away and get the earliest tickets. Because this place if not to miss.

Before sunset is the best time to visit this place to enjoy the sunset magical views with the birds returning to their nests.

Farm, Al Barari:

Oasis is one of those places which send shivers to your spine. This place is one of the oases in Dubai right in the middle of the desert. The best part about it is that it is still unknown to the majority of the tourists.

You will feel like your own home there. It also has a separate area for lakes on the landscape of approximately 16 kilometres. There isa number of different theme gardens with more than four million plants.


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After getting to know that such magical and majestic places do exist in Dubai, one cannot resist going to these places. You must spare you some of the time to visit these places with your family.

So, waiting is over and by Airblue online booking to Dubai, get your tickets right now, it is promised that you will not at all will be disappointed.