It is good news that the COVID-19 pandemic is finally getting over and travelers around the world have started planning to visit their favorite destinations in the world. When talking about middle east tourism, I expected the searches about the Umrah Packages 2021 but along with this, I have received many surprises. What I’m gonna write in this blog is full of surprises for you and will help you decide the holiday destination for the Holidays 2021. Get ready, many Middle Eastern destinations are all braced to welcome you with the lots of thrilling traditional and modern experiences.

Top Best Middle Eastern Destinations to Visit in 2021:

I’m Listing below the topmost searched and the best holiday destinations in the middle east you should be at on your 2021 holidays. Follow the places and pack up your luggage, tend to have a joyous holidays after COVID-19 is over.

Dubai – Top Searched Destination:


Dubai is the top google-searched destination to visit in 2021. You can also plan to visit Dubai as it is the famous and the most visited destination ever. Places to visit in Dubai and other attractions are various. The topmost suggestions are Burj el Khalifa, Burj al Arab, Dubai Museum, and Global Village. Beaches included Jumairah Beach, Marina Beach, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Creek. There are a lot of other places too, in Dubai to visit in the coming year. Ski Dubai, Dubai Mall, and dozens of amusement parks are there too to make your holidays the best one in 2021.

Qatar – For Holidays 2021:


Qatar is the second most searched country for 2021. People are intended to visit Qatar in the first months of the next year. It seems that world travel would be revived and tourism would come back to its normal very soon. Bookings for the future holidays are started for some regions that are less affected by COVID-19. Qatar is also one of those countries that controlled the situation very well and lost a few lives. The government should be appreciated for this and travelers should destine to have their holidays 2021 in Qatar. In Qatar, you should visit the Museum of Islamic Art, The Pearl Qatar, and Doha Corniche. Zubara Fort, Aqua Park Qatar, and Museum of Illusions are also places worth visiting. What you cannot miss is the traditional, local spices of the holiday destination. Sit on the famous restaurants in Doha to dine. You will have the best Arab dishes to gulp with.

Egypt – Land of Pharaohs:

Oldest Intact Tomb Discovered in Egypt 5

Egypt is called to be a land of mummies and Pharaohs. The country is also the most searched destination in 2021. People are intended to book their family trips to the historical, archeological destinations there. If you are willing to book for Egypt, that is the best decision of your life and would pay you back with the thrilling, amazing traditional experiences in the land of Arabs. The famous destination in Cairo, Egypt to visit is the Necropolis of Giza. You will find The Great Sphinx at the location too. It is a mud made statue of a sitting animal having the face of a Human being. It tells the history of centuries and if you are a history lover, you will surely be loving the place because the location has many surprising aspects to discover too.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Not only this, but The Egyptian Museum, Khan el Khalili Market having the old traditional products, and the Valley of Kings is also must-visit destinations in Cairo. You are supposed to be on the world’s most mysterious, interesting, and amazing places in the world in Egypt.

Saudi Arabia – Pilgrimage and Now Tourism:


Saudi Arabia is one of the most visited destinations on earth because it is a place where Muslims from all over the country visit and offer their prayers. Muslims around the world visit Saudi Arabia once for Hajj and for Umrah they visit all over the year. That’s why this country is the most searched and visited destination. After COVID-19 the travel ban for the outsiders is possibly be lifted and Muslims can apply for the Hajj and Umrah trips again. But an amazing surprise for the readers is that Saudi Arabia is now open for the random tourists too. You are welcome to Saudi Arabia if you want to have your Holidays 2021 in some unique way. Saudi Arabia’s top undiscovered destinations are all braced to give you a different experience this time.

Jordan – Another Worth Visiting Destination:

Petra Jordan

Another Worth Visiting Destination in the Middle East is Jordan having various places and fun places to celebrate your holidays in 2021. People searched for it on the internet and intended to have their next year’s holiday plans on the glamorous destinations in Jordan. Take a virtual trip of Jordan through google and pick up the places to visit on your next trip to the country.