Family vacations are something people look forward to months–if not years–in advance. However, all too often, the big day arrives and it turns out that the stress outweighs the fun, and the cousin you were looking forward to spending time with becomes a nuisance. The good news is that you can avoid these negative outcomes with the proper planning. Keep reading as we explore how to plan a vacation that all members of the family will enjoy!

Consider Party Size for Accommodations

A family vacation can mean a lot of things. It may be a married couple getting away with their shih-tzu for some relaxing alone time. Or it could be a sort of family reunion that unites distant cousins from all corners of the country.

Whatever the case, party size is the first consideration when planning a family vacation. It will determine what kind of accommodations you need to book. A hotel might be ideal for families of four or less, but they won’t be cost effective for larger groups.

Hotels probably won’t have adequate amenities, either. When booking a luxury vacation rental in Scottsdale, for example, many properties come with an in-law suite and/or casita in addition to the main house. This is ideal for parties traveling with babies, grandparents, and any other family members whose bedtimes differ from the rest of the group.

And speaking of shih-tzus, don’t forget about the pets. Vacation rentals are more likely than hotels to have pet-friendly policies. However, if your pets aren’t central to your vacation, you don’t want to be worried about what they are up to while you’re out and about. Consider hiring a pet sitter at home or in your destination city to make sure your furry friends are getting the attention they deserve while the family is having fun.

Precise Packing

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There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing you forgot your toiletries at home. Nothing worse, that is, except packing your entire closet and spending the entire vacation in nothing more than a tank top and bathing suit.

Therefore, spend time arriving at the delicate balance of too much and not enough.

Packing too little will be inconvenient and add to costs at arrival. Packing too much will inevitably create more work and stress–especially when traveling with children. There is no doubt they will lose something and only realize they don’t have their favorite toy after you get home.

Remember that you are going on vacation to enjoy new places and experiences. Pack enough to enhance this enjoyment but not so much that it causes a distraction.

Figuring Out Food

Food is at the heart of vacation for most families. Experiencing local culture through cuisine is central to the travel experience.

The Yelp veterans in your group will undoubtedly have a list of places to try. However, eating out too often will add serious strain to the budget, especially for large families.

On the same token, cooking three meals a day at a vacation rental severely limits your ability to get your vacation on.

A good idea is to plan on eating out one meal, ordering in one meal, and preparing one meal yourselves. If your vacation involves extended family, put different sides of the family in charge of cooking on different days to help leverage time.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Happy Vacation

Speaking of food, going on vacation often causes a bit of dissonance when it comes to health and wellness.

On one hand, it feels good to have no accountability. Just let it all go and worry about what the scale says when you get home.

On the other hand, breaking from your normal diet and exercise regimen can cause some serious sluggishness that takes the luster out of the vacation.

At the very least, make sure your family is staying adequately hydrated. Most people severely limit fluid intake when traveling, which can exacerbate jet lag and travel-related fatigue. Some travelers are exploring mobile iv therapy benefits to help them quickly restore fluid equilibrium. This allows them to be at their best at their vacation destination.

And if you’re one of those people who needs their daily exercise, be sure to book properties that have fitness accommodation on-site. It is too much of a hassle to try and find gyms around town, and there is no telling if the weather will allow you to get outside if jogging is your preferred workout.

Craft a Day-to-Day Itinerary

There is always that “extra” family member everyone wants to kick in the shin for planning their every second of vacation. This is understandable. Nobody goes on vacation to be subjected to military-style discipline.

However, it is important to have at least a rough outline of what you want to do each day. Going with the flow can create too much indecisiveness that causes you to miss out. Try to pick a main activity each day to build around. Add in meals. Don’t skip time for relaxation, either.

Plan the Perfect Vacation for Everyone in the Family

Family vacations transform from a dream getaway into a living nightmare all too often. By carefully planning important details into your relaxing getaway, you can create a family vacation that everyone will enjoy. For more of the latest trends in men’s lifestyle, explore the resources at ELMENS for the leading insights in the industry!

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