Ibiza is the trendiest resort in Europe and a popular wedding island. All advanced European youth dream of getting there at least once. Picturesque landscapes, clean beaches and wonderful weather make Ibiza ideal for a wedding. You will not find so much sea, sun and entertainment gathered in one place anywhere else in the world.

If you are planning a modern wedding and your priorities are quality service, stylish design and enchanting fun – Ibiza is your ideal choice!

Ibiza has a lot of advantages, such as crystal clear water, magical sunsets, Mediterranean climate and sun rays that leave a golden tan on the skin, 24/7 fun. You can enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine on the island.

In addition, most of the architectural and historical sights and great cultural heritage are concentrated here. And that is not all! If you want to get to know this island you should discover Ibiza by visiting it! And the best way to do it is to get married on this island!

Wedding Villas

You can choose one of the luxury wedding villas in Ibiza on the Ibiza Villas website for your wedding ceremony. Check out the hand-picked portfolio of properties with breathtaking, exquisite, exclusive villas throughout the island.

Panoramic sea views, beautiful decor and a relaxing atmosphere will inspire you to have a wedding here or spend your honeymoon in love.

Ibiza Wedding Villas

For newlyweds who love a bright and vibrant nightlife, Ibiza, one of the four Balearic Islands, will be ideal. Its magnificent landscapes attract tens of thousands of lovers from all over the world.

And where to hold the wedding ceremony, in a snow-white coastal church, built especially for newly married couples, or on the seashore to the accompaniment of waves and seagulls – it’s up to you.

You can also celebrate your wedding at one of the noisy discos because the nightlife in Ibiza is famous all over the world. Ibiza’s nightlife is distinguished by noisy discos, a large number of nightclubs and bars. Fans of dancing and parties will be able to celebrate their wedding under the blinking lights and sounds of modern music.

If you are not a fan of fiery discos and club music, opt for a wedding at the bottom of the sea. You can only experience such an extraordinary adventure in Ibiza. Ibiza’s charm and pleasant atmosphere attract more and more couples every year who travel there to enjoy their wedding day in a unique setting, breathtaking beauty and warm sunshine.

For those who are fond of diving, an underwater wedding will be an extraordinary adventure.

IBIZA Wedding Villas

Ibiza is an excellent wedding venue, with a delightful choice of locations for weddings – an off-site Ibiza wedding can be more beautiful than you think.

You can choose a beach for your wedding ceremony, with soft sand, blue skies overhead, and the scent of mimosa that floats in the air. Or, your wedding can take place at a glamorous sunset.

Imagine how romantic it would be to exchange vows during such a wonderful event. Or maybe a traditional wedding in a charming, bright church with friends and family is more suitable for you? You will surely find it all in Ibiza!

Many relationships began on this beautiful Spanish island, and many of the couples in love come back here again and again. Once in Ibiza, you can add another magical moment to your collection of memories!

The wedding ceremony can be held on the west coast, where you can exchange vows right on the beach, in the secluded cove of Cala Carbo.

If you want something definitely different, then the ceremony at Cala Tarida is for you. The panoramic view from the terrace will forever capture your spirit – as your declaration of love will take place here with an enchanting view of the sea.

Whether you want to host your event in a restaurant with superb sunset views, or prefer a beach party with a barbecue, or prefer the ambiance of an elegant country restaurant, you can find everything your soul desires in Ibiza! In Ibiza, you can find everything that brings the newlyweds closer to their cherished dream.