Knowing that you have a trip coming up is something exciting, as lovely experiences are awaiting you. But, it can come with stressful things, too. In one word: Packing. Packing comes with thinking about what to wear, meeting airline baggage demands, and trying to squeeze everything together. To help you become a smart packer, here are space saver life hacks that you can try.

1. Wear Bulky Items Instead Of Packing Them. – If your planning to bring hats, boots, parkas, puff jackets, and jeans, skip squeezing them into your suitcase and just wear them during your plane ride. Do not worry about your plane fashion. Imagine the space that you save where can include new ensembles for your destination.

2. Roll Your Clothes Instead Of Folding Them. – Instead of folding your clothes, go for rolling them, which saves more space in your suitcase and avoiding to crease on your clothing. Roll them all up into tightly packed tubes so that you can neatly stack them into your bag.

3. Only Pack No More Than Two Pairs Of Shoes. – Shoes are bulky items, and they are irregularly shaped and usually inflexible. This is why the smart packer rule of thumb is to bring no more than two pairs of shoes. One casual wear for everyday use and one pair for more dressed up occasions would be more than enough for a trip. Going for a beach vacation, you can most probably get some flip flops upon arrival, so no need to worry about that.

4. Place Your Shoes On The Bottom. – For packing shoes, you should place them towards the bottom of the suitcase nearer to its wheels. This helps equal distribution of weight that will not lead to your bag toppling over.

5. Make The Most Of Your Shoe Space By Packing Them Inside – As you know that shoes can take much space, try to pack small stuff inside to make the most of the area. You can use the area to hide your socks, small accessories, and underwear.

6. Use A Case of Glasses For Small Item Storage – Wanting to bring small, fragile items but unsure how to make them stay safe? Use the case of old sunglasses or prescription specs. It can serve as the case of your headphones, medicine, band-aids, hair ties, tweezers, hair ties, cotton swabs, and contact lenses. Another advantage of using glasses cases is that they are much more convenient than trying to dig your bag to find them.

7. Pack Your Eyeglasses And Contact Lenses On Your Carry On. – Most of the time, the dry air inside airplanes can make wearing contact lenses a little uncomfortable. It would be great to have the option to remove them when you feel so tired and trade them with your glasses. Having them handy will be perfect for your travel needs. If you want, you can even go for daily disposables so you will not worry so much to keep the cases clean or to tug contact lenses solution with you everywhere.

8. Choose Only The Clothes That You Know You Need. – A pro packer knows that you should plan your outfits beforehand and only choose the ones that you are sure you will wear. This will make sure that you will not bring things that you have no use for. Try packing clothing items that you can mix and match for better and smarter outfit choices.

Space Saving Travel Tips

9. Make The Most Out Of Plastic Wrap or Cling Wrap. – Encase your jewelry into two flat layers of plastic wrap so they will not get tangled during your traveling journey. Also, use plastic wrap for keeping liquids like contact lens solution, shampoo, perfume, creams, and lotion to avoid risking spillage onto your prized possessions. The cling wrap will prohibit these lids from spills and coming loose. You should also do this for makeup powders like highlighters, foundation, bronzers, and eyeshadows.

10. Use Dryer Sheets To Help Things Stay Fresh. – If you are traveling to a place where the humidity levels are high, dryer sheets can help your belongings stay fresh. These sheets can also repel bugs and insects, so they serve as an extra layer of protection for your belongings.

11. Only Bring Skincare and Beauty Products That You Need. – There’s no need to bring a whole tub of face cream for a short vacation trip. One life hack you can try is to make the use of plastic drinking straws. Fill them with lotions, ointments, cream, and other cosmetics that you will use for your trip. Just heat seal them using a candle or a lighter or seal them with tape if you are afraid of fire. If you are still hesitant about this, use contact lens cases for your tinier storage.

12. Don’t Put Off Packing Until The Last Minute. – The key to utilizing your suitcase space to its ultimate capacity is to begin packing for your trip as early as you can. This will give you time to tweak things through and check if everything properly fits and is within the limits of your baggage allowance.

Final Thoughts

Keep these tips in mind for your next big adventure, and you will not have to worry about holding up lines and having to pay extra. These travel tips will not only save space, but they will also ensure that no damages happen to your clothes and personal stuff. Bonus tip: save some space when you are departing so you can squeeze some souvenirs to remember your trip when you get home.