Tulum on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico is an increasingly popular beach resort. It is also the site of a former Mayan city that flourished between the 13th and 15th Centuries. While you may spend much of your time on the beach, take good walking shoes. You should really visit what remains of the Mayan city while you are there.

The weather is never cold at any time of the year so when you decide on things to pack you can think of shorts and T-shirts rather than woollen jumpers and warm trousers. However, Tulum is a little more stylish at night than most beach destinations even though life is casual.  Balance style with casual to fit with the crowd at night..

The tourist infrastructure has developed over the last couple of decades to cater to tourists, many of whom head south from North America. They like what they see.


Tulum is classified as a tropical savanna climate. Temperatures are consistent and good yet there are distinct seasonal differences in other ways. The majority of the rain that Tulum receives is during the months of summer. In addition, there is a ‘’hurricane season’’ which comes towards the end of summer. It does mean that the low season occurs at the end of the time schools and colleges are on vacation.

There is no need to worry about the rain by and large. A shower and then the sky clears most of the time. Likewise, the only thing that changes in the late summer is that winds blow, and the sea is not as calm as the rest of the year.



You want to leave some space in your suitcase for the sort of outfit you would wear for a special night out. Perhaps you need two outfits although the shopping in Tulum has everything you need if necessary.

Otherwise, you need T-shirts, shorts, sneakers, and flip-flops for the day and the beach. The best area to stay in Tulum is actually either close to the beach or Pueblo.


● Walking shoes are good to travel in. You want a pair that comply with any dress code in Tulum’s smarter places and are suitable for any exploring you want to do.
● Sneakers are the best casual footwear for the daytime. If you are staying close to the beach, flip-flops should be suitable on many occasions.
● Open toed-sandals will help to keep your feet cool.


● T-shirts are standard wear during a day that you intend to spend on the beach. If you want to leave the beach for some refreshments, you can slip a T-shirt on if you wish.
● Short-sleeved shirts are perfectly fine at night, although be mindful of that comment of needing a little style once the sun sets. A long-sleeved shirt or two is useful if you don’t want to carry a jumper but expect a drop in temperature as the night wears on.
● A smart jacket is useful to comply with any dress code.
● A showerproof jacket is sufficient for a shower, especially because the temperatures will remain high and anything heavier will be uncomfortable.


● Swimwear and shorts are arguably the most important things to put in your case.
● Light trousers comply with dress codes and are sufficient for cool nights.
● A dress or skirt for ladies complies with any dress codes.



● Don’t forget your socks and underwear.


If you are happy with the photos your smartphone gives you, you can forget about a camera leaving you more space in your suitcase. Tourists who enjoy just relaxing on the beach should consider books or the tablet with plenty of books available. A charger for your phone and tablet is essential.

Toiletries in a bag together with any medication you might need don’t take too much space. You will be able to buy things locally and an insect repellent makes sense.

You don’t want to burn so include suntan cream, a pair of sunglasses, and headwear of some kind. If you are concerned about rain, a small travel umbrella makes sense. You can get this travel umbrella online and offline also.


Tulum is on the Yucatan Peninsula’s east coast facing the Caribbean. It is about 90 minutes south of Cancun which is the point of entry for most visitors. This guide covers the things you need to pack for your holiday. Don’t worry if you forget something because you will find it locally. However, why spend time having to shop when there is so much to enjoy in Tulum?