Moving into cities like Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai is the dream of a lot of people who live in small towns or villages in our country. But, let us face it, not many of us know the realities of living in the cities. There are some really good things and some harsh things that you need to know before moving into the city.

Nobody might have told you but did you know you might have to travel for 3 to 4 hours every day just for work. Or you will need to buy apartments in Hennur road or you may need to rent it if you wish to live an easy hassle-free life. Take a look at a few Positive and Negative things about living in a city.


Positive 1: There are numerous opportunities

The fact that many people leave their hometowns and settle in the city is that a big city would offer many opportunities. The best colleges, best schools, best-paying jobs are all available in the city. If you think the opportunity will knock on the door only once, you definitely have never lived in a city!

Negative 1: The life is too hectic

The struggle in a city starts the moment you wake up. In a city, you are always running “behind” the time. You will always find yourself chasing something with very little time spared for yourself.

You will need to travel for long hours, work for longer durations, pay bills on time, always manage tight budgets are some struggles to name a few. You will find you spend most of your weekends doing errands and without you knowing, it is Monday again!

Positive 2: The hustle is real

In villages or small towns because of the limited amount of resources and opportunities available, the chances of you succeeding even if you work really hard are less. Whereas in a city as long as you are working and showing up at the right places at the right time, chances of your hard work paying off are a lot more.

The more you hustle, chances are that you will succeed more. You will make good money as long as you are willing to give all for the work.

Negative 2: You have to work for time and money

Working for yourself and your peace of mind will leave you bankrupt in a city. You have to manage a tight budget all the time. You will find many people doing 2-3 jobs for a living in the city.

To support their family, their children, their homes, and planning a career takes a toll on a lot of people’s mental and physical health. The amount of stress is a lot more in the city.


Positive 3: The people are open-minded

People from all parts of the country come and live together in a city. This obviously means all of them have struggled with the same things. It creates a lot of empathy among each other. People’s acceptance towards each other is a lot more in a city than what we see in towns or villages.

The caste-based atrocities and violence are also a lot less in a city. Your work is your caste and not otherwise like in the villages. It thus opens a lot of doors for a lot of people who have been oppressed in the rural parts of the country.

Negative 3: You are on your own in a city!

While people are open-minded and non-judgmental about you in a city, they also don’t have the time to take care of you and look after you every single day. People will help you for sure if you ask them, but you will have to take your own responsibility.

You will find yourself alone a lot of times throughout the day. Community living is a lot less in the cities the way we see in towns and villages.

Positive 4: The city is very resourceful

If you set out your foot at night to eat, the chances are you will find something to eat within a kilometer of your house. You can get a car of your budget; be it high budget, low budget, second hand. You can buy apartments in Hennur road in Bangalore, Mumbai, or Pune; again they can be as per your budget. If you do not wish to work 9 to 5 instead start a small-scale business you can do it.

Negative 4: The places are crowded all the time

You might have heard this before, but cities in India are way too crowded than anyone can even imagine. The houses are small, the local trains are always full, the buses are packed to an extent of breathlessness, the malls are crowded, and the hotels are bustling.

While many people get used to this very quickly given the other benefits of living in the city, many people find it very difficult to adjust initially.