Everyone was struck by the devaluation and floatation of the Egyptian pound this weekend. Many had travel plans or still have a few countries on their bucket lists that they want to go but the new high prices (+40%) will hinder them. Here is our guide on how to travel with the same prices as before the Egyptian pound floatation.

One of the biggest devaluations in Egyptian history

We understand some of you are getting married or are studying abroad. You might be just a hard worker and need a few days off but with the new inflation prices, things are tight. Well we are just trying to help you travel and here is how.

Now this is not a hack. This is just using our good browsing resources. So Egyptair prices soared before the floatation with rumors of them charging the EGP-USD FX rate at 20:1 not 8.88:1 as publicized. However, you get still buy the the ticket at the same price if you pay by dollars. So for example a Cairo-London return ticket average cost last year was about 5k egyptian pounds. now it’s 8,000 EGP.

So what would people do to travel ? Well only two ways to do that:

1. Wait for your favorite airline to post a deal or offer on the route you want. This could take a while as busy routes as London or New York rarely get a good offer. But most airlines post amazing offers as this Qatar Airways offer two business tickets for the price of one!

How would you now there is a good offer? You subscribe to a deals and offers website as www.edealo.com. They bring you the latest in offers and deals in the middle east.

2. Use coupons and promo codes to get an extra discount. Most airlines, the good ones as Etihad airways and Qatar Airways offer amazing deals from Cairo with premium service for cheaper prices which can even be lower by using coupons and promo codes. We have wrote before about their exquisite lounges and how they deserve to the best in the region. We also wrote about the coupons you can use for additional discounts as this one for Qatar Airways and Etihad airways and even Expedia!

Etihad Lounge
The extravagant lounges

You don’t have to be a genius to use them. You just know the right coupon or code, you enter it when buying the ticket online and voila 20% off or %50 off! Is it that easy? YES! We post a lot of coupons and promo codes all the time so stay put.

Well where to find a good promo code, either you google or subscribe to edealo.com for the best coupons and promo codes to use on airlines OR travel aggregators. Edealo.com allows you to get discounts on Expedia, Orbitz, Trivago, Booking.com and more.

Ofcourse, the destination you want to go to has to be cheaper to be able to really go there on a bargain price and save thousands! As benchmark we entered three destinations to three airlines (ofcourse there are more airlines to try and play with coupons). These prices are for January, so the devaluation prices SHOULD have been ADDED.

So you want to go to London from Cairo so CAI-LHR-CAI

Cairo- London - Cairo for 8200 EGP!
Cairo- London – Cairo for 8200 EGP!
Cairo- Doha-London-Doha-Cairo
Cairo- Doha-London-Doha-Cairo

Or you want to go to New York

Cairo- New York - Cairo for 9200 EGP!
Cairo- New York – Cairo for 9200 EGP! Which really isnt bad.
Qatar Airways has a better deal and they offer deals all the time.
Etihad Airways has an amazing deal too and they post promotions and codes all the time

Also, we tried one destination east as Bangkok so CAI-BKK-CAI

Egyptair Bangkok is 6760 despite the website saying there's an offer on Bangkok
Egyptair Bangkok is 6760 despite the website saying there’s an offer on Bangkok
On Etihad it is cheaper by 800 pounds but with a promo code it will be cheaper.
On Etihad it is cheaper by 800 pounds but with a promo code it will be cheaper.

So you want to know about coupons and deals. Visit edealo.com and click on flights. There are deals and coupons for all major airlines as Etihad airways, Emirates, Egyptair, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM and more from all around the region.

If you have any questions, leave in the comment section below…