Guys who love to travel are the best kind of guys to date. When you fall in love with a traveler, you’re guaranteed to be grateful everyday, and you’ll be in for the best ride of your life.

 Don’t believe me? Here’s a few of the great perks that come with dating a guy who loves to travel, that will convince you why you should be with a Frequent Traveler.

1 He Will Never Be Materialistic

He is never materialistic

While other guys might balk at selling their possessions, a guy who loves to travel doesn’t even notice what is there or isn’t. He rolls with whatever is around because he is too busy enjoying the rest of life to focus on possessions.

When a guy can live in 150 meter squared apartment and only complain about not being able to squeeze in enough people for a proper party, you know you’ve got a guy who’s got his priorities straight.

If you’re looking for a long term relationship, marrying or dating a guy who isn’t materialistic is really low stress and enjoyable. In times of poor and rich, with a roomy hotel suite or a tiny car, my guy is cheerful and living life to the fullest. I never stress out about what we have because he couldn’t care less.

Wanna be carefree and stress free? Date a guy who loves to travel.

2 He Isn’t Passive

Plan the next day
Plan the next trip

Travel requires a lot of planning, organizing, and commitment, even if your travel style is spur of the moment and doesn’t involve a strict agenda. Guys who frequently travel know how to plan and accomplish their dreams.

Dating a guy who loves to travel means you’ll be dating a guy who has vision, goals, dreams, and works hard to make them happen.

3 He Isn’t High Maintenance

A guy who loves to travel is used to living in the worst conditions and even better, thriving in them. He knows how to survive off packets of noodles and eat curry-wurst off the street for 3 meals a day. He’s camped out in nasty hostels, lived without a washing machine for weeks at a time, and had to go without a shower after a muddy week camping in the mountains.

any food
Street food is the norm

When you’re guy is used to these standards, it doesn’t matter how bad of a cook you are or how sloppy your cleaning skills are. He won’t be concerned with these details, and appreciative of any effort you do make around the house.

4 Life With Him Will Never Be Boring

He is adventurous. Don’t get caught!

Guys who love to travel are always heading off on a new adventure. They say yes more than they say no, and are pretty much up to try any idea you come up with. They think outside the box and appreciate the adventures in the everyday. When you date a guy like this, even the most ordinary moments in life have a beauty in them. And you’ll experience different places and lifestyles and see more of life than you ever will with a guy who is ok staying home. You’ll both change and grow together, and you’ll never stay the same people or in the same place for long. Life is guaranteed to be an adventure with this kind of guy by your side.

5 He Can Easily Adapt

Life always has plenty of surprises, no matter what stage of life you are in. When you date a guy who loves to travel, you are in a relationship with someone who knows how to handle life’s challenges. They’re used to having to adapt in scenarios outside of their comfort zones, so when something life changing happens in their home life, it’s not nearly as big of a drama fest.

who moved my cheese
“Who Moved My Cheese?” The Book

Do you remember the book Who Moved My Cheese? The entire book is about the ability of those who can adapt to life’s changes are the only ones who thrive in life. Guys who travel thrive on adapting to situations. When you date a guy like this, no matter what life throws the both of you, you know you’re with someone who can survive and keep moving forward without having a personal life crises.

6 He Has a Great Travel History

Guys who love to travel live and do things differently. Their stories are full of adventures on the road, experiences in strange cultures, and concepts they’ve been challenged on in the past. They’ve interacted with a greater variety of people, and have a broader perspective on the world and their place of it. Any dinner conversation is sure to be peppered with great stories of experiences all over the globe, and you’re virtually guaranteed to never have a boring conversation.

7 He Is Insightful

Travel is all about change of geography, culture, and lifestyle

Because of their open minded and well rounded experience in life, guys who travel are much more likely to have better insight into people and situations. They are good at reading people and have pieced together a lot of the puzzle of geography, culture, and lifestyle that help create and define each person. He will have good opinions that you can trust, and you can seek his council knowing that he will approach the situation with an open mind and a wise perspective.

8 He Can Think on His Feet

Frequent travelers develop a sixth sense that is a combination of logic and luck that other people just don’t possess. They know how to process the situation and think outside the box to come up to solutions for unexpected problems that arise. This happens all the time to guys who love to travel, from being stranded on the wrong side of town when the last bus has already left to figuring out how to negotiate a fair price on a boat ticket in the Caribbean. They know how to think analytically and use their head. What girl doesn’t want to date a guy like that?

9 He is Financially Responsible and Knowledgeable

People who love to travel need to know how to budget well and be thrifty if they want to be able to afford more travel, no matter what their income level is. Guys who love to travel know how to budget to prioritize their passion of travel, and like learning about finances and new ways to afford traveling more. They also know how to keep track and budget finances while traveling and on the road, which means they’re more aware of their finances at home as well.

10 He is Independent

He loves to interact with others, but also know how to move on to the next place and group of people

Guys who love to travel aren’t clingy. They don’t need to depend on others because they are comfortable going out on their own. They love to interact with others, but also know how to move on to the next place and group of people. They like to include you but won’t break down without you. They will respect you and be able to give you space, and expect the same from you. Your relationship will easily have healthy boundaries because both of you won’t become too clingy or needy.

11 He Will Always Appreciate You

Travelers know how to appreciate many different kinds of people from a variety of walks of life and backgrounds. They love to experience new cultures, turn strangers into friends, and really get to know and understand people. When you date a guy who loves to travel, you are dating someone who will truly appreciate you for who you are, your background, and your cultural upbringing.

You’ll feel the Luxury travel and budget travel

These guys will accept you for who you are and meet you where you are at, because that is how they interact with everyone. They are used to meeting new people and being in strange places, so the fact that just because you might not be a normal stereotype won’t be a deal breaker.

12 He Will Be Easy to Introduce to Your Family

when in rome
Movie When In Rome

Because guys who travel are used to being surrounded by new people and faces, meeting your family will be a breeze. He will know how to handle himself, ask questions, and will effortlessly be able to live out the concept of “When in Rome.” He won’t be easily nervous or apprehensive, and will be able to laugh off whatever happens when he first meets your crazy relatives. Even if he can’t find a thing in common, he’ll be able to entertain everyone with some great travel stories.

13 He is Intelligent

You can’t be without intelligence and also be a frequent passionate traveler. Avid travelers tend to always be soaking up new information, reading and exposing themselves to new ideas and knowledge about places. They like to learn about other cultures and geography, and they like to discuss new ideas and have new experiences. They’re smart enough to have figured out how to afford traveling and how to prioritize their dreams and passions. Meet a guy who likes to travel and you’ll have meet a guy who is street and book smart.

14 He Will Include You in His Life

When He travels, Everyone travels

Guys who travel are naturally inclusive. They will love to bring you along in their experiences because it is such a huge part of who they are. Travelers have a more the merrier inclusive nature, and will happily bring you along for whatever adventure they are heading out on next.

15 He’ll Stretch Your Comfort Zones

Your comfort zone is the horizon

Nothing will get you out of your box more than dating a guy who loves to travel. They love to go to new places, see new things, and try something new. You’ll find yourself places you’d only dreamed of going, and they’ll constantly push you to try something new or not let yourself fall in a rut of self pity or routine. This kind of guy will make you want to try new things because they show you the adventure and possibility in stepping outside of yourself.

16 He is Appreciative and Grateful

He knows when to focus and when to let go

Guys and girls who love to travel know how to live life in the moment. They find the beauty in small and large moments. They are more grateful of what they have because they are more focused on experiences than possessions. Your guy will know how to experience the joy of life in more moments and enjoy the thrill of new places and scenery. He finds beauty and fulfillment in finding the adventure in every situation, and is more easily satisfied by these things than by material possessions.

17 He’ll Love You Completely

Guys who love to travel are passionate. They invest themselves in what they love, and when they fall in love with you, they’ll invest themselves in you just as much. Just hold on and enjoy the ride, because dating a guy who loves to travel is guaranteed to be the best roller coaster experience of your life.