In business, how you advertise your product affects sales a lot. People often don’t pay attention to stickers or labels when it comes to marketing. You can add worth to your products by using them. After working hard to develop your product, you have to add convincing labels for customers to buy.

There is also a fierce competition among products placed side by side on shelves.

An attractive title can make a difference between luring customers and losing them to a nearby competitor. This article will help you with tips for creating labels and stickers that will inspire your customers to buy them.

Use Stickers for Marketing

Most people like stickers, and they consider it a gift when you give them one that features your brand. Some people put on your brand stickers on their personal items; it shows others their support for the product.

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Try to add a fun and quirky message on the sticker. Your customers who receive the stickers can put it on their laptops, books, or other items and carry them to their workplaces.

One of the promotional tactics that you can apply is including a few extra stickers with the product and you can customize one at Sticker You. Customers will be pleased to receive them and can handle them to their friends and family as well.

Where To Put On Your Stickers

You can make your copies from a supplier like The Printing House and place them in different places to increase your marketing. Put on a minimum contact detail like your website and phone number should be essential.

Put Stickers On Packaging

If you make simple packages for your product, it will not be sufficient to create brand awareness. A sticker is a cost-effective and interesting option for packaging. Stickers are available in a variety of shapes that can fit your product well.

Put Stickers On The Floor

This strategy may not be used by many, but it is a great way to draw attention. People walking on it will notice your brand stickers. You can put stickers in the parking lot or sidewalk with arrows pointing to your store.

Put Stickers On Store-front Windows

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Store-fronts are valuable promotional real estate that can be used with some great stickers. You can mention your opening hours or if you are having a sale. You can put up a sticker with the image of any new product or a special offer.

Labels define your product

They act as a source of information for your customers. It is a great marketing strategy for highlighting essential information that can elevate your sales. Using different colors and pictures, along with your message, makes it look neat and presentable.

Details like contact numbers, prices, products, and services details can help your customers easily reach out to you.

On your label, write a one or two-sentence story about the product or something interesting about your company. Adding quotes or random exciting facts on the label can help with marketing. You can write it inside a candy-bar wrapper, on tea bags, or under juice caps.

Designing Your Product Label

If you are making labels for bathroom related products, you can use a waterproof label. Being consistent with colors on labels and stickers is a good sales point.

Your band can have its specific colors, and use them in every customer communication like your website, catalog, flyers, coupons, and product label. It will help customers to identify which company the product belongs to without reading a word.

Use different colors on sticker labels for different scents, and flavors like red can be used for strawberries and yellow for bananas.