Students accused of Title IX sexual misconduct don’t enjoy many legal protections. Lento Law Firm offers legal services that help students get justice and help protect their rights. A Title IX misconduct allegation is a life-altering experience with severe consequences, including potential criminal charges. Despite that, accused students and their respective families can find it challenging to navigate the process as the entire system is against them.

This type of structure puts the accused students at the complete mercy of their school, with minimal rights and few safeguards. It is often observed that students and parents fail to get much guidance in the process. As a result, they end up unprepared to properly defend themselves during the disciplinary process. They end up facing sanctions from the school.

Title IX sanctions could include severe penalties such as suspension or even expulsion. The sanctions could end up on the student’s permanent record and lead to criminal charges.

What are your rights under Title IX?


Under Title IX, the accused student has the right to have an advisor represent the student in the disciplinary process. If the student does not choose a Title IX advisor, the case moves forward without an advocate on the student’s side. This is considered a blunder as a Title IX advisor can guide the accused student and help navigate the Title IX disciplinary procedures. They provide knowledge regarding the process and give valuable advice on what actions are suitable to protect the student’s interests.

Additionally, they help protect the students’ rights on and off-campus. The advisor handles all parts of the Title IX defense. They must be present at all stages of the case, including appeals.

They prepare and present the evidence that is more likely to win support for your defense.

They also help the student avoid additional charges.

Unfortunately, students accused of sexual misconduct under Title IX suffer drawbacks from the start. Disciplinary hearings conducted by the university tend to be severely harsh and hasty. The students get very little time to prepare for something entirely unfamiliar and hold the power to destroy their entire future.

It is suggested that students hire an experienced Title IX attorney as it would increase their chances of having a successful defense because attorneys know the system well. The Title IX process is handled differently on university campuses as compared to state or federal court proceedings. Other than that, Title IX enforcement and proceedings are unique, and changes occur depending on each school.