Whether you wish to store your old furniture or just the heaps of clothes in your closet, a private storage provider is always a good option. That way, you can focus on the tasks that demand your attention while having the experts look after your valuables. However, when it comes to storage services, the consumer is provided with several options that may seem overwhelming. Thus, to help you clarify the available options, here is a list of different storage types and their functionality.

Climate-controlled Storage

Depending on an item’s characteristics, it may require an extra degree of caution from its surroundings. Therefore, you can never go wrong with utilizing services that provide climate-control for their storage units. Shifting your items can result in moisture-issues, thus, causing the deterioration of all your wooden furniture.  And with excessive temperature differences, the never-ending cycle of expanding and contracting can destroy even the most robust materials.

Humidity is also another factor to consider. A humid environment does not only affect wooden goods, but it also damages metals by causing rusting. Even your worn fabrics will end up growing mold and getting ruined.

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Furthermore, this also applies to your essential documents, arts, and books. Humidity is often the culprit behind the malfunctioning of electronics and similar devices. Hence, if you plan to store your items for a prolonged period, you must confirm if the storage is climate and humidity-controlled. If your current residence is in the state of Texas, you can consider yourself in luck. You will be open to numerous storage options, especially climate controlled storage in Rowlett TX.

Long-term and Short-term Units

Consumers often seek storage alternatives, depending on their needs and requirements. People avail themselves of adequate storage for a certain period. Where some may need it for long-terms, others may demand a storage solution for a day or two. Hence, considering your storage needs before renting the unit will undoubtedly prove beneficial. And while most service providers offer long-term and short-term storage units, it is best to have a general idea of your storage duration.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage, when compared to indoor units, is significantly larger. Therefore, these units can store possessions as large as vehicles and other items, especially before moving. The outdoor units are perfect for keeping the catalog of an entire house. And since you can store vehicles as well, outdoor storage offers drive-up access as well. The sizes of the units will likely vary. But, the ease of access for driving straight to your unit and claiming or unloading your items is incomparable.

Depending on where you reside, your storage options will undeniably change. For instance, if you live in the suburbs or away from the metropolitan area, outdoor storage might be your only option. However, rest assured, many providers offer great value for the storage units. While bearing in mind the low demand for storage in such areas, outdoor units prove quite economical than indoor units.

Indoor Storage

These storage units are a minimal yet extremely beneficial addition to any household. Although indoor units are nowhere near the average outdoor unit, they remain unaffected by all weather-related conditions. You will not have to pay for unneeded space either. Moreover, these units are accessible in some buildings after passing through a certain degree of security.  Once passed, you will probably come across the storage units available in different sizes, ranging from small closets to entire rooms.

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If visiting during business hours, the company staff may also help you escort your items and do the heavy lifting for you. Interestingly, some service providers offer climate-controlled variants and allow you to store items that could melt or warp. Moreover, indoor storage units are a fantastic option for storing possessions you deem valuable. Additionally, the provided security for indoor facilities will also undeniably prove advantageous.

Mobile Storage

On renovating your house,  you may require an alternative for storing your valuables away from your property. And if your home is going through a major overhaul, then putting away your furniture in a storage unit will undoubtedly be helpful. But, how can you store away your possessions without having to worry about getting them back? Fret not. Mobile storage providers aim to help people with similar problems. These companies claim to provide singular storage units, also known as pods, for the desired time-frame. The pods may sound small, but in reality, these units come in various shapes and sizes. Some may seem like small trucks, while the rest may seem like small train cars. Either way, you can always opt for more than one storage pod.

If you are considering moving, the service providers can temporarily store your pod. Also, if you require your items to get transported elsewhere, they can provide storage at the doorstep of your new house. However, suppose you demanded the company to store your items. In that case, you may have to give a day’s notice before accessing your unit.



Having seen the different storage types and their characteristics, you may now likely be capable of narrowing down your options. Some aspects that may require your consideration include your budget, the security you demand, climate control, and much more. Furthermore, while these may be the primary storage types, you might find far different options in the facilities across the country. Storage facilities establish their units depending on various factors, but mainly geography. Nevertheless, taking the location of the company and its units is also worth considering.