Education holds the key to building a strong and just society. It helps in the all-round development of individuals, who then contribute towards improving the societal conditions. However, it is important to treat men and women as equals so that the purpose of education can be achieved. Title IX of the Education Amendments was enacted in 1972 for preventing any kind of discrimination based on sex at educational institutions. In this post, we are presenting a list of the major advantages and disadvantages of Title IX. A long time has passed since the law came into force and a critical appraisal will help in knowing how things stand today. Understanding the evolution of the regulation will require a lot of time and will be better handled by experts like title IX law firm owners. The listing of the pros and cons of the law will give a quick idea of the state of affairs at present.

Big Advantages Of Title IX

At first, we will take a look at the major benefits of Title IX.

1. Created More Opportunities For Women

The law explicitly states that institutions must ensure that no gender-based discrimination takes place in any program that is supported by federal funding. In the era before the enactment of the regulation, it was common to see men walking away with the majority of the scholarships. A similar story played in sporting fields where participation of women was very low. The introduction of the law has created more opportunities for women in education as well as sports.

2. Helped In The Growth Of Gender-neutral Career Education

Title IX has broken down gender barriers in career education. Many courses had come to be identified with a specific gender. This prevented the people from the other sex interested in the program from pursuing it. It is now possible for people to take up a course of their choice irrespective of its supposed gender profile. Schools now use an approach that matches an individual’s skills with appropriate classes to give him/ her the opportunity of building a secure future.

Title IX

3. Protection From Sexual Assault And Harassment

The next point on our list of advantages and disadvantages of Title IX is probably the most important one. The law gives protection to students and staff members from all kinds of sexual harassment at a campus. Apart from assault and sexual violence, the regulation also takes into consideration verbal and written harassment. Schools have to set up an infrastructure where such cases can be reported by a victim or a person who has knowledge of the incident. It is the duty of the institution to ensure that the matter is resolved in a just manner.

4. Securing The Rights Of Pregnant And Parenting Students

Another significant advantage of the law is that it secures the rights of pregnant and parenting students. Schools cannot bar a pregnant individual from attending classes and extracurricular activities. Students can take medical leave because of pregnancy or childbirth for a duration considered necessary by the doctor. They can rejoin the educational and extracurricular programs at the same point where they left it before the leave.


Major Drawbacks Of Title IX

Here is a list of some major drawbacks of the regulation.

1. Unequal Fund Allocation For Different Programs

While the participation of both genders has increased, fund allocation still remains a point of contention. In most schools, the majority of the funds are spent on the men’s educational and sporting programs. On paper, it will seem like a fair distribution with almost equal amounts of money being allotted to both sexes. However, when the percentage of both genders at an institution is brought into the context, it is usually seen that the same amount of money was spent on fewer men.

2. Availability Of Fewer Sporting Disciplines

In order to start sporting programs for both genders, many schools closed down the ones for those disciplines where they did not have a strong presence. This was done to ensure that the budget was spent fairly on both men’s and women’s teams. However, it also means that students who were interested in the other sports do not have any opportunity.

3. Negative Impact On Female Coaching Opportunities

Title IX specified that a coach’s qualifications and not his/her gender must be the criteria for selection. However, instead of creating more opportunities, it has in fact robbed women of coaching jobs. This has happened because men are now also coaching ladies’ teams.

4. Lawsuits Can Put A Strain On Taxpayers’ Funds

The law can put a strain on taxpayers’ funds if a victim sues a school for unfair conduct during the resolution of an issue. In case, the victim takes the matter to court with the help of a Title IX Attorney and wins it, then taxpayers’ money can be used to pay the compensation.


These are some key advantages and disadvantages of Title IX that also demonstrate how the law has evolved over the years. Irrespective of the drawbacks, it remains a vital regulation that has played a key role in leveling the playing field.

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