If you are on the lookout for a career and your friends would call you a geek, your skills will be in great demand and there are many sectors to consider, depending on where your interest lies. Of course, now is a very exciting time to be moving into the employment arena, what with the arrival of the Internet of Things and 5G and with that in mind, here are a few tech career choices to consider.

1. Machine learning – Perhaps the fastest growing sector in the tech arena, AI is big news and if you like writing code, why not get in on the ground floor and become proficient at machine learning? AI will manage the Internet of Things and many other networks, which will require a large number of AI professionals to create and manage global networks. You can seek assistance from agencies if you need help finding a job. Also, there are many tech companies that will employ you as a trainee if you have a background in computer science and after a few years of supervised work, you could go freelance.
2. Technical logistics – The next generation of devices demands specialist handling and the future for a white glove technician looks rosy. Complex medical equipment needs to be carefully transported and handled before installation and configuration and that is quite a challenge; tech logistics involves working with ATMs, touch-screen equipment, data center construction and secure telecommunications. Secure systems that are used for medical record retrieval company by doctors would be a classic example of secure networking, which is the domain of technical logistics.
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3. Blockchain developer – Blockchain technology is exploding around the world; the number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin runs on a blockchain, which is a decentralized system using an open ledger approach and blockchain developers are already in great demand. Young programmers would do well to get into this field, which offers a challenging and rewarding career for the right people. Click here for tips when looking for a job.
4. Drone development & design – If aerodynamics is where your interest lies, why not learn about drone design and manufacture? There are online courses that you can take to gen up on electronics and talking to a few of the major drone developers would be a wise move. Drones are used in so many sectors and anyone who becomes a part of this sector would enjoy a long and rewarding career.
5. Cyber-security – There will always be a need for data protection and as the Internet develops, so do the cyber-criminals, who are always playing cat and mouse with the authorities. Ethical hackers are in great demand and always will be and for those who are very interested in malicious code writing would be perfect for a career in cyber-security.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you have a solid interest in the field you choose, as you will be working in that sector for most of your working life. There are a lot of government resources for those who are looking for a career and choosing wisely should lead to a happy life.