If you have launched a startup, you have already climbed a mountain of hurdles. What’s coming next is an even bigger hurdle, i.e., generating B2B leads and turning them into customers. Getting strangers interested in your products and services is challenging. But, in order to generate revenue, it is necessary to bring your products into the limelight.

Here, we are going to tell you five lead generation strategies that every startup should consider at least once-

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

Sometimes, startup owners get so busy testing the growth tactic that they forget the opportunity sitting in front of them, i.e., optimizing their sales funnel. But, spending some time optimizing the landing pages, sign up the funnel, and website can help improve your lead generation efforts. So why not use Klean Leads for lead generation.

Below are some of the ideas to do so-

  • Use an A/B test tool to test the features of your website.
  • Create urgency with countdowns or other ‘urgency-creating’ features.
  • Even if people didn’t buy, use exit intent pop-ups to get their email address before they leave your site.
  • Eliminate unnecessary funnel steps and make the process as simple as possible.
  • Use testimonials to give your potential customers confidence.

Focus On Your Content Play

For sales-oriented companies, like real estate businesses, software, etc., nothing works better than the content play. It is all about getting traffic to your website, capturing emails using gated content, and using these emails in the email nurture campaign.

The best way to drive more traffic to your website is SEO. If you use keywords with high search volume, SEO can be an excellent marketing channel for you. Paid ads are another great way to get targeted traffic to your site if you have enough budget to spend on marketing. For instance, if you are willing to have increased engagement you can buy followers and connections, but you also put some paid adds to attract your audience.

In order to capture their emails, you can offer them a free piece of content, such as a webinar, template, checklist, e-book, guide, etc. Create an appealing piece of content so that they can’t resist but agree to exchange it for their email.

Offer Them Free Trials

Offering free trials also serves the purpose of generating B2B sales leads for your products. If the free trial proves to be worthy, the leads are likely to purchase your products online and become customers.

The ratio, which shows how efficiently a company is utilising its working capital in relation to a specific amount of sales, is known as the working capital turnover ratio (WCTR).

Many startups nowadays create a free trial, offer free sign up, and utilization of the products for up to one month. It helps in capturing more leads and encouraging people to buy their products.

Seed The Internet

Another simple yet effective way to generate inbound marketing leads is to post about your business in the relevant places across the web. This is called seeding the Internet. There are several easy ways to spread the word about your business. All it takes is some time investment.

Some of the sites where you can engage for free include Facebook Groups, Reddit, Google My Business, etc. Besides, you can add links to your content in the comment section of other blogs.

Consider Affiliate Marketing

When you make partnerships with influencers and bloggers, it is called an affiliate marketing program. Both parties sign an agreement, and the affiliate is paid a flat rate per conversion. You can reach out to bloggers or influencers via numerous platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn, Conferences, etc.

Once you begin an affiliate program, you can track your leads via Google Analytics. However, if you are looking for an automated solution for paying the partners, you might need an affiliate marketing software tool.

These are some easy lead generation strategies that can help your business produce incredible results.