If you’re looking for a cremation urn for the first time, you might be shocked by the number of choices available. You can select from simple wooden boxes to hand-polished marble. You can also create unique urns to keep that person in your memory.

What Is A Cremation Urn?

Cremation refers to a form of final disposition in which a person’s body is heated until it turns into ashes. This is a different way of burying somebody than the conventional way. The remains are put into a container like a cremation urn to safeguard or scatter the ashes.


What Material Urn to Buy?

When buying a cremation urn to hold a loved one’s ashes, you should consider the urn’s style, design, and capacity. It is especially relevant if you want to purchase a keepsake urn to show at home. Here are the common materials:

● Wood

Cherry, maple, pine, oak, walnut, and poplar are some of the most popular woods used to make cremation urns. It’s usually used to decorate a house or a cemetery columbarium.

● Glass

Glazing, firing, and glass blowing are artistic methods that can be used to create ceramic and glass urns. Ceramic and glass urns are very fragile.

● Eco-friendly

There are also several options for urns that are more environmentally friendly. These urns are constructed from recycled and natural materials, and they decompose when submerged in water or buried over time.

What Size Urn Do You Need?

The scale of a cremation urn for ashes can be measured in two ways. The first is the capacity, which indicates the urn’s internal volume, and the second is the dimensions, which indicate the urn’s external length, width, and height.

When an adult is cremated, the average adult produces about 200 cubic inches of ashes. There are also smaller sizes for children or infants and keepsake urns to hold a part of the remains.

Where Can You Store The Urn?

It depends on where you want to keep the urn. You can display it in your home or keep it in a columbarium. You can also keep your urn in a vault and bury it in a cemetery ground.

Some people choose to scatter their ashes in the ground or the sea. You can get different kinds of urns based on their final destination.

Do You Want A Personalized Urn?

Some individuals like to add a personal touch to the urns that remind them of their loved ones. A lot of urn stores allow customization through creative carvings in wood or glass.

You can write quotes, add images, or engrave the person’s name and date of birth. This allows you to instantly remember the person, especially if you have the urn displayed at home.

What Is Your Budget?

The price of an urn ranges from $40 to thousands depending on the material and effort involved. If the piece is made by an artisan, specially commissioned to create unique urns with beautiful carvings, it will cost a lot more than a standard urn.

Today, you can get your personalized urn from online urn stores at reasonable prices. There are so many options to choose from based on your requirements. You can now say goodbye to your loved one in the most memorable way.