It might be worth the cost to have a portable sawmill. It can provide your own projects with a supply of wood and give you a side business. A portable sawmill can be a key piece of equipment on your farm for a source of timber, as well as a profitable enterprise.

The seasonal nature of agriculture ensures there are slack times and also low-income cycles, and there are still construction projects that range from replacing a few boards on the front porch to constructing a barn. In the market, there are various types of portable band sawmills to select from. They are probably the most prevalent form of the portable sawmill.

The saw head with 2 band wheels is composed of a band sawmill. For detailed analysis of the portable sawmill and to get a good review you can visit the Pressure Coach. The band sawmill has a flexible blade for the steel band that tracks around the wheels of the band. It has a frame with a track that guides the head of the saw across the log.

For the smaller manual hobby mills, for the fully charged hydraulic versions, a Band Sawmill may generate anywhere from 100 board feet per hour to 600+ board feet per hour.

So if you’re a warrior on weekends and only want to see a couple of logs at a time, a small manually 10 horsepower mill could be the perfect option for you. When you are looking for a higher production machine, the right choice will be one of the automated hydraulic mills.

Determining your production needs and buying a mill that can keep pace with your needs would be the best place to start.

Portable Sawmill

1.Kerf Saw

In these factories, the thinner band saw blades can allow less waste to go to the lumber stack to the pile of sawdust and more boards. This translates for your bottom line to more gains.

Another advantage of this blade is that you can cut the surface of your lumber very smoothly. To build their own houses, many band sawmill owners make lumber. The lumber at a band mill is just as smooth as the lumber at a lumber yard that you would purchase.

But another advantage is that the blades are very inexpensive for these mills. The majority of blades are about $25 each. This encourages you to take a risk and cut logs that might contain metal. The worst you’ll do is destroy a cheap blade, for less than $10. The blade can be resharpened most of the time.

The downside of all this is that it is also very flexible and prone to diving for the thin blade. In-band sawmills, anyone who has run a band sawmill for some period of time has encountered this irritating tendency.

You get through a cut halfway and reach a hard knot or maybe a little dirt that makes the blade dull and the blade starts spinning around. Wavy boards or, even worse, a bent or trapped blade are the end product.

2.Capacities to Slash

This is where the sawmill for a band shines. You could have a band sawmill that, depending on the make and design you choose, can cut a 40-inch log or larger in diameter. Making big boards is something that excels at these mills. A 20-inch wide board will be cut by small mills and some of the bigger mills will cut up to a 36″ wide board.”

3.Prices and Value for Resale

Prices for portable band sawmills differ widely, and manufacturers have versions available for any budget. Depending on the size of the mill, small manual mills begin at around $3,000 and go up with about $10,000.

The price of mid-size sawmills varies from $6,000 all the way up to $20,000. It all depends on what make and model you are buying. Finally, at a whopping $40,000 or more, the major fully automated hydraulic mills will break the bank.


Only how compact is a sawmill for portable bands? Well, it can go just about everywhere a vehicle towing a trailer would go, very literally. So you can possibly get your sawmill to the log if your woodlot is reachable by road or two tracks. Only make sure that the woodlot has enough logs to justify the time spent bringing your mill to the job site.

A sawyer has nothing sadder than a wasted log. But with arborists or tree removal services, this is just what will happen. Logs end up in a pile of firewood or, worse, a woodchipper. But owning a sawmill means that you are able to give meaning to these trees.

Conclusion:- Local arborists and tree removal services, who also need to dispose of logs and who are more than willing to give the logs meaning, are two of the best tools for lawyers. This can mean cheap logs for your mill, or even free ones.