Do you know the 4 healthy habits?

Not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising 150 minutes a week, and eating nutritious foods, make up the 4 healthy habits, every adult should be doing. However, a recent study shows that less than 3% of Americans follow these habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If Americans are having trouble being healthy in their every day lives, imagine tricky it is being healthy on vacation. Luckily, having a flexible travel fitness plan can be the perfect way to help you stay on track, and still have fun.

Are you ready to rise above the rest and invest in your health, no matter where you are? Read on to learn 3 of the best tips for staying fit on vacation.


  1. Begin the Day With Travel Fitness

First, you’re travel fitness routine needs to be one you begin from the moment you wake up. When you start your day with healthy intentions, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining your goals throughout every situation the day brings your way.

Here are some things you can do to help set a strong healthy intention from the moment you open your eyes:

  • Begin your day with breathwork
  • Do light stretches to increase blood flow
  • Take a short walk
  • Meditate

Ease yourself into the day with some light breathwork and stretches. Once your body feels more awake, go for a short walk, even if it’s just up and down the hallway of the hotel. Finally, give yourself a chance to visualize your fitness goals, while you quietly meditate.

  1. Quality Goals and Affirmations

Rather than letting your emotions choose your foods, keep yourself in the driver’s seat by clearly defining your fitness goals. Before you leave for your vacation, go ahead and write all of your reasons for caring about travel fitness. Put your list of goals somewhere you can see them daily.

Finally, we also suggest having a few positive affirmations you can say to yourself. Saying affirmations like, “I am enough” or “Health is wealth”, can reprogram your internal dialogue, making your mind the ultimate cheerleader

  1. Impromptu Calorie Burners

If your vacation doesn’t allow you to schedule in a workout, you can improvise by working out on the go. While you’re out and about looking for things to do, keep your eyes open for mini-workout opportunities.

Here are a few ways you can create an impromptu workout:

  • Arm dips with bench
  • Wall pushups
  • Squats for long lines

If you’re out and about and you see a bench, take a moment to turn the opportunity into a workout. Sitting on the edge of the bench, position your arms so their palm down on the bench, and shoulder-length apart. Slowly scoot your bottom off the bench, with the help of your arms lower yourself close to the ground, and back up again.

Travel With Energy


We hope that our travel fitness tips will help you have the ultimate vacation experience. We know that when you feel good inside your skin, it’s much easier to enjoy exploring the world around you. You’ll have more energy, enthusiasm, and drive, for your entire journey!

If you want to know more ways to have the best time away from home, we’d love to help. Go ahead and check out our Travel section, today.