The USA and the UK have always been close allies throughout history. The two nations share linguistic, cultural, and historical ties. Moreover, both these nations are among the top-ranking economic superpowers in the world. Hence, it is plausible that thousands of parcels transit between these countries daily.

The USA and the UK have excellent delivery services. They have a wider reach to every part of the world. Regardless of the Atlantic Ocean stretching over miles between them, shipping to UK from USA or vice-versa is a piece of cake for strong and extensive postal services.

Delivery Time From The US To The UK

The postal links between the two nations are excellent, so you can expect your parcel to be shipped swiftly and efficiently. The total shipping time is usually three days from the US to the UK. In the worst possible case, due to some hindrance, it may take six days to complete its transit with any courier service provider. The best US shipping insurance companies will ensure the transit goes smoothly and on time. 

Air Freight Rates

Addressing Parcels To The UK

One must know the standard format for addressing a parcel when shipping it to the UK. The UK’s standard address format is straightforward. Parcels addressed to the UK must be in the following format:
● Recipient’s Name
● Name of the Company (if applicable)
● Name of the Building
● Street code and name
● District Name (if needed for differentiation)
● Town/City Name (in block letters)
● Postcode (in block letters)

If the parcel doesn’t get delivered for some reason, it is advisable to provide your return address as an alternative behind the parcel. It ensures that the package doesn’t get lost while on its journey. If the address is handwritten, write it in block letters for better clarity.

Customs Duty

A parcel shipped from the USA to the United Kingdom must undergo custom checks. Items shipped outside the EU to the UK require documentation about the parcel’s content and value.

The Customs do not charge customs duty on any package under $138.54 sent to the UK. Shipping gifts worth $138.54 to $646.54 is charged 2.5% customs duty. Customs charges on anything else worth more than $138.54 varies depending on the parcel’s contents, type, and weight.

The US Customs and Border Protection in the United States fixed the tariff rates. Whereas, in the UK, the charges are estimated by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

One must also pay the VAT on shipping to the UK from the USA. You must also pay the excise duty if your package holds alcohol or tobacco.

Prohibited Items To The UK

The United Kingdom has prohibited the import of certain items. The list of banned items includes:
● Endangered species of plants and animals
● Uncut diamonds
● Meat and dairy products for individual use
● Diseased plants grown outside the EU.
● Plagiarized media

Always ensure that the package you are shipping does not contain any of the above mentioned items.

Other Considerations While Shipping To The UK

One needs to find a trustworthy and reliable courier to deliver the parcel to the correct location quickly and safely. The package’s weight and dimensions must be measured correctly, as imprecise measurements will cost you unnecessary charges.

Make sure that your parcel has been packed in the safest way possible. Considering swift and precise deliveries from the USA to the United Kingdom, the package is constantly on the run and may be handled by many people and moved from one vehicle to another. Therefore, you should wrap your items tightly and safely secure them as the possibility of damaging the item increases.

The Bottom Line

When selecting a courier service to ship items to the UK from the US, one must wisely choose. When planning to deliver an item, you must acquaint yourself with the shipping costs, delivery times, and tax rates.