Day trading is the buying and selling of a financial instrument during one day or even several times during the day. If you play it correctly you should make small profits that is becomes a lucrative game to take advantages of small price movements. However, it can be a dangerous game for newcomers or anyone who doesn’t follow a well-thought-out strategy.

Trading on news announcements can require a skilled mindset, as news can spread very quickly on digital media. Traders need to assess the news immediately after it is published and make a quick assessment of how to trade it.

If you wanna do some trading then the Primefin is the best option for you. Primefin is a safe and secure financial services provider. Primefin is regulated by the Labuan Financial Services Authority. Under the laws of Labuan, PrimeFin is the trading name of Caps Solutions Ltd, a company that it incorporated.


Strategies used for trading

When Choosing a trading strategy does not have to be complicated, and you may follow more and more strategies don’t have to stick to a single strategy. Depending on the opportunity trades can change it is important to accept best trades. That why, with each trading strategy you should familiarize yourself more clearly, and by combining different trading approaches, you can adapt to any situation.

However, do not get discouraged if you have to accept initial losses of your capital. To become successful trader, patience is a key, losses are inevitable and you can make mistakes if you want to grow and develop your trading skills.

• Invest in Small startups
• Use Swing trade strategies
• Focus on Day trade strategies
• Do your research well with Trend trade strategies
• Always stay cool when trading
Penny stock should be avoided
Scalping trade strategies are not encouraged
Stick to plan ALWAYS!


As we explain about Primefin company a great intro it have some scams also

You’ve probably seen a commercial for an algorithmic trading app that makes thousands of dollars a day. They go by many names. Once you sign up for it, they set you up with a trading account with a broker like PrimeFin South Africa.

Understanding the Best Active Trading Strategies and How to Use Them.

Some things you need to know about this:

  • 100% accuration of automated trading apps are mostly random generations are not possible.
  • 75 – 90% of CFD investors lose money, so these ridiculous promises of huge profits are false.

Is Primefin Legit

Actually most of brokers are not licensed to give you investing advice. When the Scam Broker Investigator looks at a new brokerage to see if it is a legitimate broker or a scam, we are looking for a valid license. Most brokers are licensed as Forex brokers by the local regulatory authority, such as BaFin in Germany, FCA in the UK or FSCA in South Africa.

The brokers at Primefin review and follow all the regulations of the securities regulator such as EU, MFiD and are part of the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF). Primefin follows client protection policies like obeying EU regulations, MiFID rules, and following no negative balance policy. Keeping clients’ money in segregated bank accounts.

Many fraudulent Forex brokers on the market try to lie to people, but PrimeFin is not one of them. It is real.


Overall, the most important thing with trading is the choice of broker and it can make or break any trade. So, one must be careful while choosing the right broker for trading.