Running an online business is not an easy job to do especially for the first few years. You might think that everyone has the “mantra” to succeed and you are the only one left out. Well, what if I tell you that you can take advantage of the people who are already the gurus of this field when you want to buy solo ads?

Let’s find out how:

This is possible after you buy solo ads. What solo ads are? How will they die advantage to your business? In the easiest words, solo ads are a venture that you make to get someone’s email list to endorse your affiliate product link. This will increase the hits o your links and will help you to generate more sales.

What is it?

You can consider it as an email campaign that you run with a niche-specific email list that belongs to someone else (The gurus). In other words, you are renting an email list to promote your links.

These types of ads are popular nowadays since you are directly reaching the consumer and therefore can drive massive and efficient sales.

How does it work?

solo ads

The name “solo ads” is for a reason; this means that your ad will be seen by each individual and not some general public. They will get an email related to your offer, without any extra stuff.

Hence, in this way, the people will not be disturbed by your promotion.

When a successful person from your niche develops such a list by gathering thousands of emails, he starts this type of ad campaign. Reason, he gets some extra passive income from it by sending your promotion to his gathered audience and in return, he will charge you some money.

What is the story from a different aspect?

When you ask a solo ad campaigner to run your ad, he will charge you based on the number of clicks you get on your link.

Once you tell him how many clicks you require, he will send an email to all his emails on the list. If everything works well, you will get massive traffic and sales.

Are these good for you?

Many people do not consider this method as a convenient option to gain hits and others just don’t try it due to the rumors. However, many people believe that solo ads are not for their type of business.

Therefore, we have made a list of categories that fits best for using solo ads. If you fall into any of these, then you must use these ads:

1. You have a saturated niche


There are various topics in which the content is uploaded daily and therefore, it is highly saturated due to high quantity and low demand. In that specific case, with these ads, you need not worry about the competition since you can reach the audience directly with these ads.

2. You have a high competition niche

If you want to make bucks from niches such as gambling, or dating then you need to get a good rank otherwise, you won’t stand a chance. And you must believe, ranking on these niches is near to impossible. Therefore, again these ads are a good choice to drive sales.

3. You don’t have a high budget or you just started out

Who does not wants to grow their business right after they start it? Well, you can do that without spending 2 or 3 months to build an audience, by using these ads. This will provide you a mega head start.

However, make sure you keep your content high quality since that is the only thing that will make your audience to keep coming again.

What are the pros of using solo ads?


This is the time when the internet has content about everything. Therefore, to stand out of the crowd, you need something that works!

Therefore, here are some reasons for using solo ads to stand out:

1. It is very simple

One of the best things about these ads that you will also like is that you don’t have to spend your valuable time to wait, or think where to place ads so that people click on them. All you have to do is just GIVE THE LINK.

2. It’s detailed

If you have tried previously to build an email list, then you know it’s a hard process. It is a very challenging process to reach a large audience when you have just started. Hence, if you approach a giant, with a massive list, then it’s a win-win for you especially if you have a very common niche.

3. It’s very effective

The best thing about such campaigns is that the email with your link will not land in the spam folder; in fact, the people receiving the email are interested already in the niche you promote the product of. This will increase the likelihood of people opening the email and clicking on your affiliate link.

The best approach to ensure success

mailing list

Ask your vendor not to send the mail on a daily basis. If this happens, then your email will be treated just like other spam emails and will remain unopened for its entire life. Therefore, you should first gather information about the preferences of the email list by asking the vendor itself and then compose your email according to that.

Also ask the vendor how he deals with the people who don’t even open their emails (in short, unemployed). If they do not have any idea about this, then ask him to leave you alone instead.

Get as much information as you can so that you can run a successful campaign and make profit with small investment. Also, you will know better about the vendor by this method since he is willing to share the data with you. This could also become a lifetime dealership.


Success in affiliate marketing is just a few steps away with solo ads. When you buy solo ads, you are ensuring the compatibility, reliability, and feasibility it provides. Therefore, make sure you give it a shot.