Knowledge of certain Skills is the one thing that sets your future career apart from your peers. Do you have any knowledge in Kubernetes deployment? Can you create, maintain, and operate a distributed, intelligent, and predictive contemporary infrastructure? Can you analyze tonnes of data using Python and apply AI and ML to produce useful insights? Do you possess a certification demonstrating your expertise?

O’Reilly Online Learning Platform has the solutions to all of these issues and more as they help 2.8 million business and technology professionals that depend on them to be on the cutting edge of technology and development. You need to catch up with what they already know. See all the ways O’Reilly Online Learning Platform can make you indispensable in your Career path and Ready for the Future.

Obtain certification to Earn more money

O'Reilly Online Learning Platform

The more certifications you have, the more you stand out—and the more negotiating power you have. We make getting certified easier by providing access to official materials and interactive practice tests that teach you as you go.

Live online courses from today’s most brilliant minds

Some of today’s most renowned tech experts lead our live virtual courses, including our topic-specific Superstream events. Most sessions allow you to ask questions, and class sizes are kept small to provide a more personalized experience.

Practical experience in a live development environment

The most effective way to learn a new technology is to jump right in and start using it. O’Reilly interactive learning allows you to do just that with Python, Kubernetes, Docker, Java, Linux, SQL, and other technologies. Right from your desktop at home.

Learn with O’Reilly on-the-go

O'Reilly Online Learning Platform

More than 60 thousand titles, 30 thousand hours of video, live online courses, case studies, expert playlists are available in all topics. Begin learning with any of it on your laptop, then continue with the O’Reilly app. Even when there is no signal. Take O’Reilly with you and learn anywhere, anytime on your phone and tablet.

O’Reilly offers a powerful combination of highly trusted content and exquisite learning experiences so you and your teams have the tools—and expert guidance—to work smarter and stay ahead.

Here are some unique features of O’Reilly Learning Platform:


O’Reilly and nearly 200 top publishers provide 60K+ titles (including early release books and audiobooks), 30K+ hours of video, hundreds of live events, interactive sandboxes and labs, and more. And new content is added on a daily basis.


Cloud computing, software architecture, infrastructure and operations, programming languages, AI and machine learning, security, team management, critical thinking, and more are all available.

O'Reilly Online Learning


Seek advice from experts. O’Reilly provide handpicked content collections from top innovators, beginner- to expert-level resources from our editorial team, and vendor-direct certification prep.


Make it yours. With real-time personalised recommendations, as well as the ability to create and share personal playlists and take notes in books, O’Reilly tailor the learning experience to you.

Benefits from O’Reilly Online Learning

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For Individuals

  • Develop skills and learn new technologies that will help you advance in your career (and boost your salary).
  • Earning certifications is made easier, and you can become proficient in everything from
  • Python to software architecture to AI and SysOps.
  • Books, virtual live events and training courses, on-demand courses, and interactive content are all ways to learn.

For Teams

O'Reilly Online Learning

  • Shareable expert content for everyone in your organisation, from technology to business to management, and more.
  • Exclusive access to cloud labs for step-by-step guidance in a live cloud account from top professionals.
  • Access to virtual live events and training courses, on-demand courses, interactive learning, certification materials, books, and more with a single sign-on.
  • The proprietary Insights Dashboard provides information on what and how your teams are learning.

O’Reilly delivers a powerful combination of trusted content and unique learning experiences for Men and Women around the World, so you and your team have the tools and expert guidance to work smarter and stay on top of your game. All available now as FREE Trial so you can learn Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning without Breaking the Bank.

Join O’Reilly today And be ready for tomorrow O’Reilly has the answers you need—whether it’s finding a quick line of code so you can get back to work fast or diving deep to learn a new technology and get ahead of your competition and future proof your career.

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