Udacity have been busy in 20‍19 creating new Nanodegree programs to keep you on the cutting-edge of tech. Enroll now in one of Udacity latest programs to make 20‍20 the year you transform your career.

With New Data Science Entry, Intermediate and Advanced levels programs to help you hit your Career Targets in 2020, Udacity courses will not fail you. Here are some examples of the programs available and we’re also offering 10% off on Udacity courses with Promo Code from our partner, offers and deals website EDEALO.com.

New Data Science Programs


Data Visualization β†’ teaches you how to communicate data effectively using Tableau.


Programming for Data Science with R β†’ teaches you how to get started in Data Analysis, or existing programmers how to code in R. You’ll work with R, Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, Numpy, and SQL.


Data Engineering β†’ teaches you to build data infrastructure required for companies to collect, store, and access data. You will use Python, SQL, Cassandra, AWS, Apache Spark, and Apache Airflow.

Data Streaming β†’ teaches you the latest advancements in data processing using Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, Kafka, and Kafka Streaming.

New Business Programs

Gain confidence to solve real-world work problems with these New Business programs. By working with industry experts like Google, Amazon, and IBM, our real-world projects will prepare you for actual on-the-job problem solving.


Marketing Analytics β†’ teaches you foundational data and marketing analytics skills using Google Analytics, Excel, and data dashboards with Tableau. No coding required!

User Experience β†’ teaches you fluency and understanding of digital product design, such as web-based platforms, digital interfaces, and mobile and desktop applications. You’ll gain experience with Google Suite (Slides, Gallery, & Docs), Figma, Miro, Mobbin, Zeplin, WebAIM, Whimsical, Lookback, and Unbounce.

Learn in an immersive hands-on classroom experience where You’ll stay engaged with videos, interactive quizzes, project workspaces and live chat with a community of students and your technical mentor.

New Artificial Intelligence programs


Introduction to Machine Learning β†’ teaches you the practical coding skills used in machine learning techniques using Python, PyTorch, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Anaconda, and Pandas.

AI Product Manager β†’ teaches you to leverage AI, including how to build a dataset and how to evaluate different machine learning models without needing to code. No programming experience required! You’ll use FigureEight, a data annotation tool, and build models with Google AutoML.


Enroll today, increase your salary next year as in a survey conducted in 20‍19, 71% of respondents received a salary increase after Nanodegree program completion.

New Programming and Development programs


C++ β†’ teaches you C++ for careers in robotics software, IoT, mobile communications, video game development, operating systems and more.

Data Structures and Algorithms β†’ prepares you for software engineering interview questions and scenarios with hands-on practice of over 100 sample problems.

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New Cloud Computing programs


Cloud DevOps Engineer β†’ prepares you to become a DevOps engineer and gain experience with AWS, CloudFormation, Ansible, Jenkins, Kibana, Grafana, and Kubernetes.

Cloud Developer β†’ teaches you, systems managers, or ops managers how to build web applications on the cloud, and gain experience with AWS S3 and EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute), Lambda, and Kubernetes.

New Autonomous Systems programs


Sensor Fusion β†’ teaches you to use camera, radar, lidar and sensor data for a range of autonomous systems applications.

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