A staffing agency is also known as a staffing company or an employment agency. The job agencies near me help people find jobs in different fields and on different levels. Whether you are in entry-level or looking for a CEO position, you can use a staffing agency to help you get hired.

But before deciding to use job agencies to look for a job, there are some key things that you need to know about staffing agencies, such as how they work, and the kind of jobs you can apply with them. Luckily, here at Team Global, we researched and compiled this essential information that would be a head start for you. Take a peek.


1. How staffing agencies work

When a company wants to hire employees, they pay a job agency to do so on their behalf. Job seekers apply for the advertised positions through the staffing agency. When suitable applicants are shortlisted, the staffing agency interviews them and hires them. The staffing agencies then pay these employees.

2. Benefits of using a staffing agency to find a job

Some advantages come when finding a job through job agencies near me are:

i. It is cheap
As the job seeker, you do not pay anything to be considered for jobs at a staffing agency.

ii. The agency seeks the job for you
It is easy to land a job through staffing agencies. When you tell them about your skills and experience, they will tell you if they have a vacancy that suits you.

iii. They have a variety of jobs
Depending on the type of job that you want, you can always find one that suits you. Whether long term or short term, staffing agencies specialize in many industries.

iv. They give benefits to employees
Depending on the period you have worked in the company and the staffing agency’s terms, some offer unique benefits to their employees. It could be health insurance, retirement benefits, or housing allowance.

v. You will get feedback
Unlike some companies that don’t give you feedback on job applications, job agencies near do. They will tell you how the recruitment process is progressing and even advise you on presenting your resume. Some will advise on how to show yourself in an interview and answer interview questions, all at no cost.

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3. Types of available jobs on staffing agencies

Some people think that staffing agencies only offer temporary secretarial and administrative jobs. They have a wide area of options to choose from. Some agencies specialize in specific fields, while others don’t have particular fields. They also offer jobs that last for different periods.

I. Temporary jobs
A company can look for a temporary employee to fill in when an employee is sick, on leave, or during the high season. They state the period the temporary employee will work with them.

II. Temp-to-perm jobs
Companies do this when they want to hire a permanent employee but want to do a trial on them. During this period of practice, this employee gets a salary through the staffing agency. If the company is pleased, they employ them permanently and pay the employee directly.

III. Permanent employee
A company pays the staffing agency to find a permanent employee for them. The agency interviews potential candidates and, after selecting them, send them to the company. They get their salaries directly from the company.

4. Tips for landing a job with staffing agencies

i. Take the interview seriously
When called for an interview, dress appropriately. Other important things that apply in an interview like positive body language, a ready resume, and answering interview questions should apply.

ii. Be open-minded
We don’t always get what we want. If you wanted a permanent position and the available one is temporary, you can adjust to that. You will acquire skills that might help you in your next job.

iii. It is okay to say no
If you get a position whose terms are not okay with you, it is okay to say no. Explain to the job agency why you declined the offer. It will be easier for them to find you another one that you would like.