When you finally leave the nest to become your person, the temptation to throw caution to the wind and forget about all the things that your parent taught you is potent. When you go off to college, you start afresh and you make the rules.

The problem is that most people almost completely abandon their upbringing and sometimes realize too late that mom and dad had a point, especially when it comes to health. To avoid those pitfalls, here are some tips to keep you healthy.

Student Life

Mental health

Student mental health is one of the areas that is easily neglected when going to college. The stress that comes with the workload is often too much to handle and students fall into a depression or have anxiety attacks due to their deadlines.

Discipline is your biggest friend and you need to remind yourself that there will be plenty of opportunities to party. You don’t have to attend every social gathering for fear of missing out.

You’ll only end up putting yourself under undue pressure and end up cutting your college career short. Rather, make sure you balance things out and spend enough time on the main reason you are there in the first place, to get a degree or to secure admission to a good college if you are currently in school.

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Keep your meals in check

Sticking to a balanced diet is crucial if you want to stay healthy at college. Most sophomore students go through the phase where they pick up a couple of unwanted pounds during that first year of college. This is mainly because there is no one to tell you to regulate your diet.

Your parents aren’t there to ensure that you eat a balanced diet. With your new freedom, you’ll feel like you can eat and drink what you want because you are in control. Although you can make that choice, your body will soon tell you that you need to adjust your diet.

Student Life

Get enough sleep

The temptation to neglect your sleep during college is often too much to handle and most students tend to screw around with their sleeping patterns to their demise. Sleep is your best friend and will help you stay healthy during college.

Your body needs sleep, not only to stay physically healthy but also to be mentally healthy. When you neglect your sleep, you are incapable of making rational decisions, your concentration goes down the tube and you could fall into a depression.

You don’t have to pull all-nighters all the time, but when you do, you need to make sure you can rest afterward.


It goes without saying that exercise is paramount to staying healthy when you are in college. Your body needs to move and you need the fresh oxygen, pumping through your lungs if you want to stay mentally vigorous.

Not only will you be able to concentrate better during lectures, but you will also feel better. The endorphins that get excreted are your body’s natural feel-good drug, which will lift you when you need a pick-me-up. Not only that, but you will stave off those unwanted pounds that threaten to accumulate because of your alternative lifestyle.

Be socially balanced

College is not all about studies and it is also not all about parties and freedom. There is a balance that you need to find between the two is you want to stay healthy. Don’t be bogged down when you don’t find that rhythm during the first week. It takes time and everyone’s body is different, so you need to find your balance.

Some people will need to focus more on the study component and others will need to focus more on the social component. The key is balance and to know that if you favor one above the other, you are bound to burn out.


Your student years have the potential of becoming the best years of your life if you manage it well, with services as CustomEssayMeister. The freedom that comes with varsity life is something that you will find in no other phase of your life. If you establish healthy habits while you are in college, the chances are that you will sustain those habits when you leave there one day.

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