The job of a nurse is a blend of teacher, janitor, doctor, and a psychiatrist. All of us have watched nurses on the big screen, or television, or we have seen them at work in real life.

It is quite easy to assume that everyone knows about this profession. But, do you truly know who nurses are and what they are capable of doing? Do you understand this profession clearly?

It is always better to know the importance of your work, and the impact it has on the lives of other people. So, here are six things to consider as you contemplate a profession in nursing-

Preparation Requirements

To begin your career as an RN, you can go for a diploma from good nursing schools. However, earning an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree opens a doorway to additional career opportunities.

In addition to education, you’ll gain an advanced practical knowledge related to your work. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in a different field, consider checking out some accelerated nursing programs to help you get on your desired career path more quickly.

Personality and Responsibility

It demands a lot of patience to succeed in this career. Some patients may have personalities that clash with yours. Some patients may lash out at nurses due to sadness, frustration, fear, or confusion.

Doctors or other senior members may sometimes order you in an abrupt tone. If you think you have the right personality and attitude to work in this industry, consider getting a Nursing Diploma.

Moreover, it requires a great deal of responsibility. You need to monitor vital signs, progress report, and keep medical records. You will coordinate the patient appointments, report to the doctor, and assist with the treatment. At times, you need to make decisions quickly. For example; whether to help a patient yourself or call a doctor without delay.

If you get along well with all these situations, it becomes easy for you to have a successful nursing career.


Not Everyone Can Do This Job

Being a nurse can be uplifting and heartbreaking as well. Nurses see the worst human conditions and many vulnerable moments; not everyone can handle.

So, you need to have a firm grasp on your emotions to do this job. You need to learn how to manage your work and put all this behind as you step out to your home.

You Need To Be Physically Fit

Unlike other 9 to 5 desk jobs, nurses are likely to work for 12-hour shift. So, you need stamina and good health for long working hours.

An RN job involves frequent stretching and bending with a minimal amount of walking. Sometimes, you may need to lift or turn patients, or in some cases, you just need to hold their arm to take a measurement.

Also, sometimes you may come in contact with hazardous substances or infectious diseases. In that case, you’re supposed to follow safety guidelines to protect yourself.

A Trusted Profession with a Lot of Acronyms

Nursing is considered a trusted profession. Nurses speak for their patients when they aren’t able to speak for themselves. They bridge the gap of understanding with the patients and tell them what they need to hear.

Further, there are a lot of acronyms related to the profession like RN, LPN, MSN, DNP, CNA, and BSN. These all are nurses. You’ll learn more as you progress in your career.

Endless Opportunities

Nursing is one of the most satisfying careers with an attractive feature. Once you pass your exam and hold the title of a nurse, you can choose wherever you want to practice your profession. Being a licensed nurse, you can work in multiple areas without a need to attain another degree.

Further, you can pursue certifications to elevate your career. You can also check jobs as a travel nurse on Trustaff, a great travel nurse agency.


Nursing is one of the most satisfying professions in the world. You can make a comfortable living while helping people. Hopefully, now, you are confident enough to enter a burgeoning medical field that needs your willing expertise.