The mechanism of popularity on Instagram has changed throughout the years. In recent years, Instagram follower were a good direct indicator of your success. But sometime ago, Instagram has adopted a new policy, which has changed the role of likes – users aren’t able to see the exact number of hearts under your post.

You may wonder, why do you need them now at all? Users can no longer rely on the information that Instagram hearts represented. Whatever you think, likes are yet a sweeping tool in the arsenal of a blogger. Let’s discover the mechanism that is empowered by the little hearts on Instagram and why you still must consider getting some IG likes on


The mechanism that is using likes, is responsive for post prioritization and the orderof its appearance in the feed of a user. And this algorithm needs the data providedby like counter, to do that act properly. Have you noticed that usually your feed isfilled with posts from the accounts you have visited and interacted with the most? This is the direct result of this algorithm’s actions. Here it comes:

Instagram likes indicate the general level of engagement on your profile.

Thus, the algorithm states posts that are more liked by different users as more relevant and interesting, so it pushes them to the top priority and redirects them to the Explore page. It becomes obvious, that even though users do not see the exact number of likes, they can still understand what’s popular – huge like-gatherers will definitely emerge in their Explore pages.


According to the facts from the previous paragraph, receiving more hearts on IG is still quite important.But why would you need that? Well, having many likes nowadays means you highly increase your visibility, as in personal feeds of your followers on instagram, as throughout the whole network, by appearing in the search and Explore.

The exploring feature of Instagram is a showcase of the main trends that run this period. So, if your post gains more hearts, it increases the chance to widen your target audience and grow your blog further, expanding your influence in progression. Another fact to mention, if you are failing to download Instagram photos and videos they look at the Instagram downloader to download the content you want.

Knowing that the level of competition is overwhelming, your visibility on the platform is becoming a far more important option to pay attention to than you could possibly think of. Many users have a lot of profiles in their following lists, and to squeeze in their sight range you have to gross more likes, saves, and other ways of interaction on Instagram. And as we now understand the purpose of producing more likes on your posts,  here arises the ultimate issue:


Fortunately, the mechanism of raising the number of hearts that you receive didn’t change that much. Let’s remind what are the most effective methods for that.

1. Asking directly

This is the most convenient way to get extra likes. Just ask your viewers to do that, in order to get more content from you. Give people the reason as it is – if they double-tap your posts, you won’t vanish from the feed. Au contraire, it will be a motivation for you as the creator to release new posts more often. Show your gratitude and don’t forget to tell your fans that their support is much appreciated. In more professional terms, this method is called CTA – call-to-action. IT requires a sincere and genuine manner of communication with your public, so people will feel themselves involved in your growth as a creator.

2. Provide outstanding content


This tip may seem too obvious, but sometimes bloggers begin losing quality to grow quantity, and that is totally the wrong stuff to do. If you want to really impress your viewers and get more likes and shares for your posts, you need to concentrate your efforts on creating the most compelling content possible. The level of competition can’t be emphasized enough, and due to the huge variety, users become more demanding of the quality of content that they consume. So you also have to draw the line higher so your posts hit the top-notch among your competitors. This way, likes come as a given.

3. Give them fun


The ultimate purpose of Instagram for many people is simply entertainment. Lurking through social media is one of the methods for modern humans to drop off some daily stress and relax a bit. So, they want to see some lightweight, interesting and fun content. IF you provide that to people, they will gladly repay you with a little heart. The topic of your profile doesn’t matter at this point, as there is a possibility to throw in some small-talk for everything.

Also, keeping your post materials lively and easy-going will improve your bond with followers, securing their loyalty and willingness to double-tap the screen.

4. Be yourself


Nothing is appreciated more than being honest and natural in your blogging career. Nowadays many influencers are spoiling their reputation with too scenery-obvious sponsored posts and stories. Some make up the whole story of their life seeking popularity, hiding the truth behind pretty pics. All this family sitcom vibe is not what users want to see. Social media evolve, but people who are not trying to create a fake personality will always find their audience. People will appreciate your sincerity with their likes, comments, and saves. The more readers will be able to find something similar to your experience, the better will be your rating, even if your following base will be smaller than the other.


Nowadays Instagram has changed a lot. And even though we cannot see the exact numbers of hearts under the posts, likes are now playing another part in its mechanisms. We hope that in this article you shall find an understanding of the algorithm and some good tips to use in your growth. Keep it calm and good luck!