Canadian University Dubai | Why to Study here?

Canadian University Dubai | Why to Study here?

Getting the privilege to study at a Canadian University outside of Canada can be quite fascinating since you get to experience Canadian education with UAE culture. What can be better than experiencing different nationalities in a university present in your own country with a diverse student community? Canadian University Dubai has been ranked 41st overall, 8th in the UAE and 2nd in Dubai, based on the 2019 QS Ranking for the Arab Region. CUD offers both graduate and under-graduate courses. Under-graduates courses include; architecture, Business, Communication, Computer engineering and computational science, Electrical engineering, Environmental health sciences, Interior design, and Social sciences. Graduate courses include; Master’s in business administration and a Master’s in IT management and governance.

10 reasons to choose Canadian University Dubai

There are many reasons to choose CUD for your undergraduate or graduate program:

1) Canadian Based Curriculum

International recognized Canadian curriculum education is provided in UAE by CUD

2) Option to graduate from Canada

Get the opportunity to start education in Canadian university Dubai and end it in partner universities in Canada. This will give you the opportunity to explore both the cultures during your journey in CUD.

3) UAE Accreditation

All of our programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education: Higher Education Affairs.

4) International Faculty

The faculty is highly professional that bring along their expertise and professionalism from around the globe.

5) Graduate Employability

The CUD graduates after studying Canadian curriculum are guaranteed to be employed in the international job market.

6) Flexible Learning

Flexible timings are provided to students for their ease by offering them evening and weekend classes.

7) Business District Location

Canadian University Dubai is located in Dubai’s business district, with state of the art academic and recreational facilities.

8) Student-Centered Approach

They prefer student’s success over everything else.

9) Research Opportunities

Research centers provide the opportunity to research internationally and in UAE as well.

10) Multicultural Student Community

CUD has a truly multicultural learning environment, with students from over 100 nationalities.

What are Canadian University Dubai Goals and Objectives?

To create and maintain an environment conducive to continuous learning and improvement while continuously evaluating all aspects of CUD operations to ensure relevance and excellence.

Canadian University Dubai | Why to Study here?

To adopt and show the enthusiasm and contribution of all staff and students and to support the ambitions of all by providing them with both academic excellence and the practical experience required for career success.

To generate an atmosphere of dignity and mutual respect while encouraging scholarly debate and applied research.

To accept accountability and value the input of all stakeholders particularly in our operation as a portal to Canadian education, and so make CUD the University of Choice in our target market and simultaneously an employer of choice for all academic, management and support staff.

To account for the needs of all internal and external stakeholders by securing the sufficient and relevant resources that are available for the achievement of all strategic and operational goals, thus enhancing the sovereignty of the University as an independent institution of higher education.