Are you looking to update, revamp, or redefine your business? Sometimes a change is good or needed and sometimes knowing it is the easy part. The hard part lies in where to start and how long it will take to be truly beneficial for your business.

Jobber, an industry-leading software for home service businesses, teamed up with Dirt Monkey University for a 3-part video series that dives into how you can radically change your business in 30 days. Yes, 30 days.

Led by Stanley Genadek and Phil Sarros from Dirt Monkey University—two business experts who own and run landscaping, excavating, and construction businesses—the Dirt Monkey crew brings their expertise to this series with three information-packed videos.

You’ll learn about:

  • Small changes that will create big impacts
  • The magic of margin and your bottom line
  • A simple formula to help you reach your sales goal for the year.

This is a series that all business owners should check out to see if they might be overlooking something crucial for success. Also, a smart move would be to browse all the features Jobber offers to see if there’s a key automation or customer communication feature that could help level up your business and set it apart.

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