Call center services alike any other services have exceeded its foot in the Edutech sector as well. Edutech is the combination of technology in the education sector that let the students explore the platform of learning and solve their queries, at that moment only.

The query can be about generalized pattern of course structure, fees, admission and delivery of information to guardians from the end of an educational institution and many more…

Today, education has surpassed the level of learning medium from books and YouTube to the learning modules proposed by various Edutech-domain companies. Educomp, Byjus, Extramarks, Meritnation, Khan Academy are few of some names.

Essentials of Call Center Services in the Education Industry

As we all know, today the world has leaped forward with the smart initiatives of technology. Each sector is seen witnessing a tremendous set of changes either in the form of advancement in business’s niche or on in managing the demand of after-service of product sale.

The education sector is moving forward with the latest innovations in the domain. The online learning module still remains the maiden, when it comes to drastic changes in the sector.

Therefore, to match up the pace of technology, organizations are seen outsourcing their essentials to eminent call center outsourcing providers to excel in the rate of revenue for business purposes.

Experts believe that call center services excel in the catering solution of an educational institution and edutech organization.

How Call Center Outsourcing is Beneficial for Edutech Organizations?

Today, the students and their concerned authorities want to stay updated at each step in order to extract the best out of the services. The apt services and resolutions pertaining to admission and purposes can be only be advocated by efficient delivery of call center services through the trained set of executives.

The in-house team of an educational institution and edutech organization may lack in guaranteeing the interest of parents and students after a level of extent, which may further lead to loss of customers from their list.

Thus, the organization opts for call center outsourcing to maximize the rate of interest and offer satisfactory resolutions to students and parents aka customers.


Let’s have a generic look over the role of call center outsourcing in the education industry:

1.    Lead Generation for Excelling Students with Educational Services

Generating revenue is the prime cause of business either it is retail or educational with the objective to excel the quality of education for a student to grade up the virtue of knowledge.

Call center outsourcing hunts the list of potential students, often termed as ‘leads’, sourced by the marketers of the organization. The executives create the outbound calls to the set of a student with the purpose to acknowledge them about services, admission and available courses of client’s educational domain.

Call center executives are generally warm and welcoming in nature, trained with customer-retention practice and sales conversion for admission in courses and institutions.

2.    Live Chat Support for Instant Resolutions

Students and parents can have a certain set of queries that needs instant clearance so as to stop them from moving to your competitor.

Chat support lets the customer connect with the back shell of the education organization. Also, it eliminates the queue of waiting to get connected with the call center executive. It lets you have a response in a negligible time span.

One can chat about the offers and price of course along with dispatch inquiries for the learning module.

3.    Subject Matter Expertise for Varied Support

The organizations excelling their business chores by offering learning modules, generally promise the students and parents with query resolutions in particular subject by the experts of the field over the phone call at a span of working hour of the day.

The call center outsourcing updates their set of information for the subject so as to stay up to the minute with recent changes in the education sector such as the pattern of the question in specific education board etc.

The up to date knowledge over the phone call helps in portraying the generalized image in the sector if asked by the personnel.

4.    B2B and B2C Appointment Scheduling in Edutech Sector

Today, there is a large number of edutech companies in the market trying to expand the resources of their business at a pandemic level.

Thus, these companies outsource their call center services to third-party pondering over their point of expertise in scheduling the appointments with other business partners and customers directly.

Scheduling the appointments with B2B and B2C helps in increasing the revenue structure of the organization with the motive to close the sale in the least possible time.

In Conclusion

If as an education master, you are planning to sync the platform for students and parents to affordable and relevant solutions. Call center outsourcing is the perfect solution for your business need. The vital range of services let the education firms and companies connect with the potential students with the motive to serve them with the best resolution.