CCNA is a beginner-level certification course offered to IT professionals by Cisco. You get to learn about all the important concepts that give you a solid understanding of the IT industry. This is a globally recognized certification. No matter where in the world you are, you can work as an IT professional if you have this certification.

If you have a master’s degree in computer science or IT, you’d be able to score well in the exam. These degrees are going to build your foundation.

However, you have to ensure that you prepare for the examination. You need to have proper planning to appear for the exam. For unmatched quality training, you can opt for Cisco learning partners. Click here To get through the exam preparation by a reliable resource.

In this article, you will learn about the requirements that are essential for obtaining the CCNA certification, how to get the certification, and much more.

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Requirements for CCNA certification

CCNA certification stands for Cisco Certified Networking Associate. This certification requires the candidate to take the CCNA exam. If you want to obtain the CCNA certification, you need to obtain the minimum eligible marks. Moreover, the validity of the certification is 3 years. This is because the IT industry is changing rapidly. New technologies are taking the place of the old ones. Therefore, if you are a networking expert, you’d have to keep your skills updated by appearing for the Cisco certified exams.

CCNA certification gives you the ability to operate wireless networks and Ethernet. You are also able to handle IP and EIGRP. Appearing for the CCNA certification prepares you to handle small and medium-size branch networks.

If you want to appear for the CCNA certification exam, you don’t need to meet a formal requirement. However, you need to have a degree in engineering or computer science. This would make it easier for you to ace the exam.

If you are a fresh graduate, you can appear for the CCNA certification. Organizations prefer to hire network engineers with CCNA certification.

Two routes available

There are two different tracks for obtaining the CCNA certification. You might get confused about which path to take. If you are looking for a quick track, you can opt to appear for the single exam.

However, if you want to give it time and effort, you can opt for appearing for two exams. If you appear for two exams you will also get an extra certification of CCENT.

The cost of both routes is the same. You don’t need to worry about it.

Enroll yourself in a good training program

No matter what level of experience you have in the IT networking industry, get yourself enrolled in a CCNA certificate course. You’d get the right skills and techniques to appear for the exam. This would increase your chances of acing the exam.

Several e-learning programs are available on the internet. These courses vary in terms of effectiveness, duration, and delivery. It depends on your individual preference which course to opt for. If you are looking for any relevant information related to the CCNA certification, you can check out SPOTO

Taking the course makes you aware of the VLAN and WLAN, Routing protocol, switching concepts, OSI models, wireless essentials, network address translation, network security and management, IT addressing, and subnetting.

Post exam requirements

After getting the CCNA certification, make sure that you use all the skills you learned to good use. If you don’t test your skills daily as a networking expert, there is no point in getting the certification.

CCNA certification is something you should take pride in. Therefore you should seek out learning useful networking skills and bring them to practice.

Approach other networking experts and share your experience with them. Networking with other professionals will help you maintain the standard of your certification and prepare for another certification from Cisco.

Gaining Cisco certifications should be your priority if you are an IT expert. There is intense competition in the IT industry, you should get your hands on the advanced certification courses to appear for the professional certification exam.

If you have Cisco certification on your resume, it leaves a good impression on your employer and you can climb the corporate ladder quickly.