Watching online movies is a common routine for adults especially on weekends. The Internet has made it easy for everyone to watch anything with just a few clicks. There are plenty of options to watch movies online either you can download a low-quality cam print pirated movie from torrent or watch through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Those who have subscribed to cable services like Mediacom, Cox, Xfinity, or Spectrum TV can watch on-demand movies or subscribe to the streaming services like HBO, Hulu, or Sling.

However, if you wish to watch movies online without any cords, streaming TV services is the way to look forward. But you still need to have an internet connection, without which streaming would be a pain in your head. With several ISPs offering decent plans and packages, Spectrum standout from the rest. Not only the speed and price but also the customer service they offer to native and Spanish speakers in the language that they are comfortable with. Pick up the phone and contact spectrum servicio al cliente en español for more details about internet plans and packages.

Now let’s move on to our main topic i.e. best video platforms for people on a tight budget. You will find nothing but quality series and movies along with originals and documentaries without breaking the bank. Here’s what you got to know.



By far one of the most top-rated streaming platforms Netflix needs no introduction. Watch movies you love and stream addictive shows in high definition. Netflix started its operation in 1997, with a completely new concept of renting DVDs via mail.

Netflix should be on top of your list as it allows you to watch movies and shows without serving annoying commercials. Without needing to bind yourself to the contracts, you can cancel the subscription anytime. Netflix is compatible with android, iOS, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

If you can’t spend your weekend without watching movies or recent episodes for your favorite season, subscribe to Netflix right now for just $7.99 per month. You can also try Netflix for a month without paying a dime.

Apple iTunes

If you are a big fan of Apple products, you must know about Apple iTunes which allows you to download apps and music. Apart from downloading music and your favorite apps, you can also download your favorite movies and shows. You can either rent or buy to enjoy HD movies and shows. Before you rent or buy, you can have a glimpse of the synopsis, cast information, review and watch the trailer.

Enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your choice of device whether it be television or smartphone. However, keep in mind that Apple iTunes is only compatible with Apple devices or Windows computers. You can rent for as low as $0.99 for 30 days or pay $19.99 to buy movies or TV shows.


Similar to Apple iTunes you can rent or purchase your favorite television shows or films. However, you can enjoy the free trial. The site offers free TV shows and movies served with ads. The rental and purchase price is similar to other services, but the picture quality is something beyond expectations. It also offers a wide array of features similar to Amazon Prime Video or Hulu Plus.

Vuvu is compatible with a large selection of devices including Apple TV, Chromecast, Video game consoles, PC, Mac, and Roku. Rent your favorite shows and movies for as low as $0.10 or pay $29.99 to buy.


Vimeo is also a popular choice for video lovers and allows viewers to share any video on any platform just like YouTube. It is a great place for independent filmmakers to publicize and gain traction among the masses. After a viewer selects a movie to purchase and watch, 90% of the revenue goes to creators. You might not find any popular Hollywood titles here but will surely land on some gems from upcoming filmmakers who are trying to publicize their content with the audience.

Amazon Prime Video


When it comes to popular video streaming platforms, Amazon Prime Video can never be ignored. It includes the latest and high-rated movies to watch. If you are already a member of Amazon Prime, you can not only order things with free delivery but also enjoy a whole lot of movies and TV shows. It allows you to access thousands of titles without charging extra rental or purchase fees. Amazon Prime Video also gives access to people who have no account on Amazon Prime.

Final Verdict

With so many TV shows and movies to watch, you either need to subscribe to cable TV services or streaming TV services. If you opt for cable TV services, you can not only subscribe to these premium video streaming platforms but also enjoy many on-demand movies, TV shows, and channels.