International Baccalaureate, or commonly known as IB, is an internationally recognized education system focused on student development and enrichment while emphasizing the concept of intercultural compassion. A trained and well-experienced IB tutor Hong Kong can navigate students through the four different educational programs of this schooling system, educating them on the importance of having the capability to think critically. The schooling system also encompasses all major subjects like Maths, Literature, Science, Chemistry, Biology, and more.

And, in renowned International Baccalaureate institutions in Hong Kong like Hudson Academy, languages like English and Chinese have gained eminence in the curriculum.

This education system focuses on providing dynamic and inclusive knowledge to students to become eligible for making a more wondrous world, encompassing harmony among different cultures, and is nourished by appreciation and empathy.

International Baccalaureate studies are quite popular in ex-pat families endeavoring to find a comprehensive education system to give a more fantastic future to their kids. And, an IB tutor can endow them with the best in this regard.


Why is International Baccalaureate Different from Every Other Traditional Schooling System?

International Baccalaureate programs are different from other conventional curriculums because of the following reasons.
• Students are motivated to consider things critically and make assumptions about upcoming life challenges.
• The IB schooling system isn’t similar to the national or government-aided education system, including imperative practices derived from the global schooling community and research.
• Focused on developing multilingual students, informed about global and local contexts

A Few Subjects in IB Curriculum and How They are Taught

• English: In institutions like Hudson Academy, the IB English Language and Literature curriculum is set to navigate learners towards broader and more in-depth knowledge on the subject. An IB English tutor, having enough experience and expertise in this field, is suitable to serve this purpose.

The IB tutorial process of English as a subject encompasses consolidating the students’ reading skills while customized writing skill enhancement programs are also there for sufficing the purpose. Besides, the tutors also ensure that students comprehend the subject in depth.

• Chemistry: In the Chemistry learning program under International Baccalaureate, an IBchemistry tutor strengthens students’ numerical skills and refines their understanding of different imperative concepts and theories of the subject.
Besides, the tutors also propel candidates towards success in evaluative expression acquired from a holistic educating approach, training them for tremendous success in the future.

• Maths: In the uniquely designed syllabus, it is ensured that students are studying the subject holistically and acquiring adequate knowledge and skills they can apply in their later parts of life effectively.

An ib maths tutor ensures whether all the students are going through the set curriculum minutely or not while analyzing and strengthening their numerological skills. The course may also encompass different mathematical theories for bestowing candidates with extensive knowledge on the subject.

In International Baccalaureate Education System, Students Learn Learning

Throughout their learning process, students get to learn about different approaches to learning skills. IB programs make students optimistic and capable of thinking critically, learning, and adapting to the changing environment, stretching their hands of compassion neglecting national boundaries impediments.

IB students are capable of self-learning and familiar with the concept of knowledge. Hence, the skills all IB students would acquire are:
• The capability of asking imperative and thoughtful questions
• The capability of critical thinking through a logical mindset
• The opportunity of gaining knowledge across many different disciplines
• The capability to perform extensive research on things is necessary for having higher education in the future.

Because of all these reasons, new-age students are getting more inclined towards adopting the IB learning process as their sole method of studying.

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