How To Study Efficiently For Class 6 Maths Olympiad

Studying Smart

Olympiads are one of the most important and useful exams conducted by international talent organisation (ITO) to help children increase their knowledge and make their preparation techniques effective with the help of these exams. These exams take place at times in the year and there is no pressure on students for olympiads as that for the school exams. However there are many benefits of participating in an Olympiad.

Mathematics is an important subject, because the use of mathematics is not limited to passing the examination only. Along with passing the exam, mathematics is often used in everyday life. Many students consider mathematics to be a difficult subject and are afraid of it, often the numbers of such students are very less in mathematics. There are also many students who consider mathematics as the most scoring subject and the highest number of such students come in mathematics only. Many mathematics teachers and students even believe that mathematics is the only subject in which high (or whole) numbers can be easily obtained. For making mathematics easy for students of class 6, olympiads can help a lot. So, in order to get you prepared efficiently for class 6 Maths Olympiad, there are some tips which can help.

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  • Understand the pattern

Before you start preparing for any exam you need to understand the pattern of that exam. So if you want to start or are preparing for the IMO exam then first of all understand its exam pattern thoroughly. It is very important for you to know what type of questions are asked in the exam. Also, how many marks and how many hours is the exam in total. It is also very important for the students to know how this exam is different from their school exam. Be very careful while understanding the pattern of your Olympiad in order to prepare efficiently and score well in the same.

No, this exam will not only help you increase your domain in the knowledge of the particular subject but also help you in your school exams and you can also stand a chance to win a scholarship if you scored very well in your Olympiad.

  • Time management is important

Time management is the most important thing for any exam preparation. By better time management you can make exam preparation easier. Anyway, students have to prepare for the Olympiad exam along with their regular studies, so students preparing for IMO have more study load. Therefore, students should do their time management in such a way that they get good marks in both the exams.

Especially for a subject like mathematics, time management plays a very important role during the time of preparation. So in order to crack your Olympiad and get very good marks in it, you have to keep a track of time along with your preparation. It is advised to the students to make a study timetable which they can follow. By making this, they can cover the syllabus easily and within the time frame.

Whenever you start preparing for the IMO exam, keep in mind to make short notes of all the topics from the very beginning. These notes will be very useful for you at the time of revision. So make sure to make notes and revise all the subjects.

  • Take help

If there are children around you or in the school who have taken the International Maths Olympiad exam, then definitely take their help. They will tell you about their exam experience, which will help you a lot in your preparation. Since that student has already appeared in the exam, then you will be able to tell everything in detail in a practical way. clear all your doubts and don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you have for your maths olympiad. After clearing your doubts, keep your mind very straightforward about preparing. This step helps a lot in order to make us stress-free too. You can also surf on the internet about how the olympiads are practised or what are the insights that you should remember before appearing for your maths olympiad. Doubt means that doubt can weaken your confidence. So, if you have any doubts while preparing for the exam, then definitely clear them. For this, you can take help from your friend, teacher, parents or online tools.

  • Solve sample papers

In order to test how much you have prepared and which topics need more polishing, you need to do IMO Sample Paper 1 Class 6 and previous year Olympiad question papers. This will help you revised the pattern and also helps you understand which topic will require how much time. It is always advised to solve sample question papers while preparing for the exam. Same is the case with IMO exam. Solving sample papers gives you an idea of ​​the pattern, type and time limit of questions asked in the exam. So solve old question papers as much as possible. This also improves your rank.

  • Remain stress free

The most important thing in the exam is to remain stress free. Because often students get tense while preparing for the exam. The burden of studies becomes so much on them that stress overwhelms them. But don’t let this happen at all. Being under stress will affect your health as well as your studies, so try to prepare for the exam without stress.

If you feel more stressed during studies, then you should talk to a person whom you trust to relieve stress. It is better to let your thoughts come out than to develop tension from within. Sometimes, spending time with family or friends is helpful in reducing stress levels.

Students should also ensure that they are following a healthy routine. They should get enough rest to reduce stress. You should sleep at least 6-7 hours every day. Eat healthy and stay away from junk food as much as possible.