There is a huge variety of books. Each topic has one or two books. In addition, they are followed by guides, references, and all of which are intended for student assessment. But no matter what this book is, who the publisher is, what the content is, NCERT books are considered the best books not only for visual exploration but for better understanding and information development as well.

All NCERT publications, regardless of topic, are professionally written after extensive research on each topic to provide the easiest, relevant, and most accurate information to readers. Each of these topics is presented in its easiest form. When read carefully, it can remove all doubts and questions from students’ minds.

NCERT’s best-selling book is on economics. The Economics NCERT textbook is considered the best and is widely used by students, especially by 11th-grade students. Economics is one of the only subjects which is necessary almost in all fields because it is related in monetary terms.

Class 11 Economics NCERT book introduces students to a variety of economic concepts. It helps them to gain a better understanding of topics related to production and consumption.


There are endless reasons why Economics NCERT textbooks are so popular with 11th and 12th graders. They are as follow:

  • Strictly follows the guidelines in the CBSE curriculum.

This is one of the main reasons why NCERT books prove to be very useful for students.

  1. These books adhere strictly to the CBSE curriculum because the Economics NCERT textbooks are independent as the content is the basis for board tests.
  2. The material for the Economics NCERT text helps to lay the groundwork for preparing for the board exams as the CBSE board exam question papers are set according to the syllabus only.
  • It clears all the concepts that lead to better understanding.

  1. Economics NCERT textbooks are not only enough to cover the entire CBSE syllabus but also enough to cover all the important topics in simple language that students can easily understand.
  2. This helps learners to make their ideas clear. Once the ideas are clear, you do not need to photograph everything over and over again. All you have to do during the test is simply review the formulas, terms, and drafts.
  3. That is why Economics NCERT is considered suitable for an in-depth and comprehensive study to develop a clear concept.
  • Provides a sufficient number of questions for all types of practice.

  1. Passing through flying colors, the basic and most important step we practice. If the student practices all types of questions, he will get high marks.
  2. In Economics NCERT, you will find a variety of questions at the end of each chapter. This can be in the form of multiple-choice questions, one word, short or long answer type questions, match next, or fill in the blanks.
  3. Therefore, learners will become familiar with each type and pattern of questions.
  • Avoid wasting time and energy.

  1. Economics NCERT textbooks are written in language that people can only read once or twice and the concept is clear.
  2. This saves a lot of time as complex and difficult concepts are clear in just a few minutes, leaving students with enough time to review.
  3. Include key points in the article. Therefore, it helps students to understand complex and complex topics in a short amount of time.
  • Ensures high percentages.

  1. Economics NCERT textbooks are sufficient for a student to score more than 90%.
  2. It clears your mind, has better language, has all the syllabus and useful content.
  3. If the reader follows the Economics NCERT textbook guidelines he or she will be able to get a good percentage.
  • Save on tuition fees.

  1. The Economics NCERT textbook itself is sufficient for all aspects you do not need to spend your money on attending classes.
  2. Each concept, small to small, large to large, is defined in a simple and effective way that can be easily understood by the individual.
  3. This saves the time and money that you could spend on teaching.
  • It can be easily downloaded from the internet on laptops and computers.

  1. In addition to purchasing the Economic Ncert textbook, readers can also download it in pdf format online.
  2. They can find a reliable and informative website to download the economic book Ncert.
  3. They can keep the pdf for the whole year of study for viewing in preparation for the exam.


To get a good percentage students should remember the following steps while studying from the Economics Ncert book:

* Increasing the marks in the exam, the most important thing is the completion of the Economics NCERT textbook.

*  Take the time-consuming chapters first so that you have enough time to prepare for the difficult ones.

* Understand all the meanings correctly with the concept behind the whole concept.

* Practice drawing all the graphs, tables, diagrams carefully provided in the Economics NCERT book.

* Read line by line and make your own notes for a better understanding. Although everything is already said in keywords and simple words if you wish to make your notes go ahead.

* Never leave any point in the Economic NCERT book unread.

* After a thorough study of Economic NCERT, begin practicing the key questions on visual cues.

* Solve all kinds of questions from each and every chapter.

* After this, switch to sample papers and resolve as many sample papers as possible in the Economics NCERT manual.


The Economics NCERT Book can prove to be an excellent student guide not only for 11th graders but also for 12th graders as well as it is developed by highly competitive and experienced mentors and coaches. It provides detailed analysis and explanations of all important topics in a simple way and is considered an excellent source of information for quick understanding. Language is very easy for students to understand. Also, all questions are answered in their simplest format.

Therefore, all of the reasons and tips mentioned above are strong enough to understand the significance of the class 11 Economics NCERT book.