When writing a research paper for your college make sure that the paper an individual’s write speaks volumes for itself. Apprentices should be able to own what they have written and beenproud of it however; finding reliable sources for the research paper can be an intimidating task. Countless websites on the internet provide essay database to their customers with several other examples from past research papers but students are still found overwhelmed with the information, the query that mostly pops up in an individual’s mind is where to find appropriate and dependable sources for their paper. Finding a source that is good for their paper is the most important and primary task of each apprentice, it certainly affects the whole marking process as well the writing of an individual. We do realize that it is not a simple process for any students but it is certainly doable. Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a few tips and tricks that will come handy when looking for resources for the research paper.

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First and foremost we need to understand that there are three types of research papers and those three categories are a primary research paper, a secondary research paper, and a tertiary paper. All these three categories are related to each other in one way or the other. The first category that is the primary research paper category includes all the records that are mentioned in the paper such as interviews, surveys, records, etc. The second category that is the second category includes all the descriptions and analyses related to the primary section. The third and the last category of the research paper includes material related to the first and the second category such as the indexes and several different sources related to the paper.

Now the point is where to find resources that are reliable and appropriate to include in the paper. Continue reading

Select a topic: This first point is a no brainer; of course, one can’t start researching without a particular topic. Hence, select a topic first, comprehend what you want to talk about, you know about and are passionate to write about.


Individuals should know why they are doing this: This is related to the first point, you should know what you want to write and talk about and why you want to talk about this particular topic you have chosen. Always keep the core purpose in mind.

Prepare outlines: Each point is related to one another, once individuals select the topic and know what and what they want to write about this particular topic it’s not time to start their research and make outlines. Pen down the key point and the headings. Trust us when we say that this will make the whole purpose of the paper way easier and simpler.

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Start writing the final draft: Once all the research is done and the outlines of the paper are ready it’s now time to start writing the final draft. Mention all the necessary points don’t write unimportant things, this will bore the reader and make them not want to read the entire paper and a student certainly doesn’t want that. So include all the necessary data. Mention all the resources. Own the paper, never copy someone else’s work. Once you have written the entire paper, make sure it has no faults, now is the perfect time to submit the paper.