Every year, a large number of aspirants appear for IBPS Clerk exam, but only a small fraction of them make it through. Candidates applying for the exam must make sure that they meet the IBPS Clerk Eligibility Criteria and must prepare in the most effective way possible to secure a selection in the IBPS Clerk exam. On that note, given below are some reasons that candidates must take care of while attempting or preparing for any banking exam.

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Low Accuracy and Speed –

Banking exams like any other exams have a time limit under which a candidate has to attempt a given number of questions. In banking exams such as IBPS Clerk there is a sectional time limit allotted to each section after which the candidate is not allowed to attempt the questions in that section. So, to score better in IBPS Clerk exam or even to clear the prescribed sectional and overall cut off, a candidate has to attempt and answer as many questions as he/she can in each section with utmost accuracy and speed. Accuracy and speed can only be developed by constant practice of questions in different topics and attempting regular Practice or mock tests.

Anxiety and Stress –

Aspirants are often troubled by stress and anxiety during their preparation as well as at the time of examination. Many times during preparation, aspirants feel anxious and stressed out due to certain reasons such as a hectic study schedule, fear of failure, taking less rest and worry etc. While during the examination, fear of failing to attempt the given number of questions under the time limit or getting stuck in a question can bring down their confidence and composure, and thereby causing stress. Aspirants must take care of their mental health during preparation for the exam by taking proper rest, exercising and having a proper diet. Also, they should remain calm and relaxed at the time of examination and must attempt those questions first that are easy.

Irregular Study Routine –

One of the major reasons why most candidates fail to crack any banking exam is that they become complacent or show less dedication towards their daily study routine. The energy and sincerity with which they design their study plan soon starts to diminish, as they move on with their preparation. Candidates must stay driven and should follow their study schedule to continuously build their knowledge, skill and confidence, so that they can successfully crack the IBPS Clerk Exam.

Not Enough Practice and Lack of Understanding of Fundamental Concepts –

What candidates often do, especially in Quantitative Aptitude is that they mugg up formulas and short-tricks without even knowing the fundamental premise or concept behind them. This is a dangerous play when it comes to banking exams, as they might get through the Prelims exams, but will fail in the Mains exam because it is all about testing the candidates understanding and knowledge of the basic concepts in different topics. So, there is no use of having a hollow knowledge of the subject, whereas a candidate must focus more on fundamental concepts rather than only learning tricks and formulas. Also, daily practice of a variety of questions in different chapters is necessary to improve the ability and confidence to solve them quickly with perfect accuracy in the exam.

Delay in Preparation for Mains Exam –

Another mistake that candidates commit is that of starting their preparation for the Mains exam after the disclosure of the prelims exam result. This is a wrong practice and should be avoided. Candidates should start preparing for the Mains exams from the start of their preparation, as it is impossible to cover the vast syllabus of the Mains exam in a little over a month between the prelims result and the Mains exam date.

Improper Knowledge of Exam Pattern, Syllabus and Cut Off  –

A Candidate must properly examine the IBPS Clerk Syllabus and Exam pattern to strategize and start with his/her preparation for the exam. For instance if the candidate is not thorough with the official syllabus then he/she might end up wasting his/her time on an irrelevant topic. Also, with incomplete knowledge of the exam pattern a candidate cannot plan how he/she is going to attempt the exam. Candidates should also go through the previous year IBPS Clerk Cut off to get an estimate of the expected cut off in the upcoming exam.