Egyptian Businessmen are starting to support the economic conference next week.

Mohamed Farid Khamis, chairman of the Federation of investors, called businessmen to direct their investments to Egypt during the coming period.

Khamis said in a press release on Monday, said that there are six elements of success met in Egypt.

What makes it better to direct investment to them, pointing out that these elements of stability and the availability of investment opportunities as well as the size of the market, as the trade agreements to enable them to access to the markets of Europe and the States Arab and African countries through the COMESA countries with a total population of up to about 1.2 billion consumers.

He explained that the elements also include low production and construction costs, which increases the competitiveness of the state, along with the ease and speed of action, which came in the investment law as well as introducing many of the qualitative incentives for investment.

Do you think these economic public relations will work? Do you think the conference will be a success?

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