Electricity tariffs are increasing day by day. With our reliance on appliances increasing, the electricity consumption in our homes is consistently going up. Most people think that by switching over to another power company, they might save on electricity costs. That is why they start searching for top power companies in Singapore after noticing their electricity bill. However, without switching off the power company as well, you can bring your electricity bill down. Instead of just lamenting about the rising electricity bills, it is time to do something about it. Today, we will share with you four ways to save electricity in your homes. When you adapt these into your lifestyle, you’re sure to reduce electricity consumption at your home.

  1. Set timer function for air conditioners:

Air Conditioner

Firstly, whenever you are using an air conditioner, it is always good to use them along with the timer function. In that case, after the set time, the air conditioners will turn off by themselves. Air conditioners consume a lot of power.

However, once the air conditioner cools the room’s air, it can remain cool for a specific time. That is why it is not necessary to run the air conditioners consistently. The timer function will automate the air conditioner’s shutting down and can quickly help you lower your power bills by at least 10%.

Secondly, using the proper electricity connection and wiring requires more energy. To see that you set up adequate wirings to supply the air conditioning and other appliances that may not be affected by the electric shortage.

Make sure you consult an electrician like Mr. Sparky Electrical Services, who would upgrade and help you achieve proper energy consumption and high performance of appliances. It might sound like a simple tip, but it can help you save on electricity.

  1. Incorporate solar energy:

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Completely switching over to solar energy is not possible. It can be expensive in terms of upfront cost as well. However, incorporating a couple of solar gadgets into your lifestyle is possible. For example, you can use a solar power bank for your smartphone.

Once you do so, you can easily bring down your electricity consumption by 2% to 4%. When it comes to saving electricity, every percentage counts. That is why, by incorporating a few solar gadgets into your lifestyle, you can undoubtedly bring down your electricity costs and learn how to read my electric bill.

  1. Turn off lights when not in use:


Many people ignore the unoccupied rooms. Many times, it might so happen that when you move out of a particular room, you do not turn off the light, fan, and other appliances.

Merely by paying attention to unoccupied rooms and turning off the gadgets and lights, you can save 10% in electricity. It is one of the simplest and perfect ways to save electricity.

  1. Switch to LEDs:

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Whenever you’re changing a light source, instead of going with the older bulbs, it is good to switch over to LEDs. LEDs can last for a long time. Not only that, they can provide you with more light and save 20% electricity in the process as well. It means that without losing anything, you can bring down your electricity bill.

While the upfront cost of LEDs might be a bit high, you will realize that LEDs are much more affordable when you take into account the long-term cost-saving. That is why one of the best ways to save electricity is to switch over to LEDs.

So, if you’re worried about increasing electricity bills, you have to use these four tips to save electricity. Once you do so, you can bring down your electricity costs significantly. You can utilize that money elsewhere.