Antique Brass – Why They Appeal?

antique brass

Made by combing copper and zinc along with other non-metallic elements, brass which resembles gold from a distance is obtained. It is widely used for many purposes, as it possesses many mechanical and electrical properties. Decorators love this alloy, as it gives a bright gold-like finish. Other places where brass is used are to make bearings, locks, gears, doorknobs, valves, and ammunition casings.

They are also used in the field of plumbing and electrical appliances. Places, where sparks shouldn’t be formed like in tools used near explosive materials, rely on this alloy. Brass is also used to make musical instruments such as bells and horns, as it manifests high workability and is extremely durable. In recent years, brass has seen a lot of different finishes to suit the certain purpose of décor or simply to make an old looking brass piece seem more elegant. One such finish is called Antique Brass.

What is it?

It is a type of finish or plating with the use of chemicals which resembles aged brass. It is medium brown in color with golden undertones. However, certain products can differ a lot from one another. The RGB color scheme uses a mix of red (80.4%), blue (45.9%) and green (58.4%) to give the product an Antique Brass finish. Alternatively, one can brush the surface of a brass object to give it a matte finish.


The reason for having this type of finish could be threefold.

  1. Recycle Old Objects: Certain objects have greater resale value when restored using this type of finish. The brass object does not go bad in itself. However, due to mishandling or using incorrect means to polish or enhance the look of the object, it may get damaged or develop tiny holes in it. This type of finish converts the damage to the betterment of the aesthetics of the object.
  2. Posh Look: Many homeowners prefer that the objects in their house look pricey and give a historic feel. To achieve this, they get objects from door handles to chandeliers with the Antique Brass finish. While the objects are brand new, they project as if hailing from an ancient era!
  3. Dull or Old Looking Brass: After a certain number of years, brass starts looking old and dull and loses its earlier shine. To give it a fresh appeal, this finish is all you need. Just convert it from your older shiny look to a new (yet old!) matte finish.

Antique Brass

Create it at Home

You could get this finish by contacting a hardware company and ordering the shade of your choice on objects that you want to use in your home. Alternatively, if you want to save a considerable amount of money at the expense of some time and effort, you can get the same result, if not better, right in your own home. Here are some simple methods you could follow using household materials to come up with the Antique Brass effect on your objects.

  • Vinegar or Salt Water: After having prepared the brass object by removing lacquer from it using nail polish remover and thoroughly drying it, you can easily use one of these liquids found in every kitchen to age brass. Paint the object with salt water using a brush for a few days until you get the shade of your liking. Alternatively, use vinegar by dipping or coating it using a brush. To hasten the process, you could even heat the brass with a hair dryer to get a pronounced effect. Once you have achieved the shade of your choice, you could then wash and dry the object using a towel and then apply wax or brass lacquer to preserve its antique look.
  • Brass Ager Solution: Commercially available, these solutions are an easy substitute for the household materials described above. Following the manufactures instructions, you can easily age your brass objects from the comfort of your home.


No matter what the reason be, when applied to brass this shade completely changes the way brass objects look. Give this shade a shot either by purchasing it new or by inducing it through one way or another, you won’t regret the result!