The biggest thing that happened in the 19th century was the industrial revolution, which changed the socio-economic landscape of the world forever. With the passage of time, industries have grown, evolved and transformed around the world.

At the turn of the century world leaders sat down and pondered over some of the most significant challenges we as a global community faced. There were many problems that were highlighted that most of the global head of states thought need to be addressed urgently such as the water crisis, provision of medical facilities and human development etc.

Perhaps the most important out of them all was the issue of “Climate Change & Sustainability of mother earth.” All other goals only remain relevant if this one goal is addressed.


The need to protect our environment led to countries developing laws that affected almost all industries. The strongest challenge for most companies was the way they treated their industrial waste. Many companies were previously either dumping their industrial waste into landfill sites or releasing them into nearby rivers etc. They say that every problem is a beautifully disguised opportunity and that is exactly what Atarfil seized upon.

Atarfil is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic geomembranes produced with polyolefin. In simpler words, Geomembranes are barriers/membranes used in the transportation/movements of liquids or gases in engineering projects. Atarfil has successfully used this technology in safe containment applications, which has helped companies in safe disposal of industrial waste.

Atarfil’s products are particularly useful in waterproofing applications of sewers and storage basins, which ensure safe containment and environment protection. The company is one of the top five manufacturers of the world.


There are few strategic principles that the company has stood by from day 1, which is one of the primary reason of its success today. First principle is maximum specialization, which has been the benchmark since the inception of the company. Specialization has led to Atarfil to become one of the best in the safe containment sector.

The second principle is the development of In-House technology that has led the company to develop products that stand above the rest in the market. It has also allowed the company to customize geomembranes and other related products according to the industrial requirements of different clients. The last principle of Atarfil is its raw material selection.


The company only relies on a handful of global suppliers with whom the company has built strong business relationship over the years. All raw materials are carefully selected which ensure strong traceability and maximum environmental protection.

Safe containment of industrial waste products and protecting the environment are at the heart of Atarfil’s vision. The company has a large portfolio of clients from across the world, which has helped the company develop a diverse portfolio. It has also inculcated immense experience in the company and its employees, which has enabled them to deal with different kinds of industrial waste products.

If you are an industrial customer, wanting solutions for your company’s waste feel free to contact the twenty-four seven available customer support team of the company. Atarfil has also helped governments both local and nationals in overcoming the problems of industrial waste. The company is fully committed in its mission of cleaner earth!