Most people by now already know the importance of recycling. It’s essential in conserving finite resources and reducing the waste that keeps piling up in landfills. But, not many are taking full advantage of its benefits. Unfortunately, not all can be bothered to spend time sorting through waste to look for recyclables. Add to that the lack of knowledge in identifying specific materials which you can bring to a Scrap Yard like Langley Recycling for processing.

Recycling metals isn’t easy. That’s why, this article aims to provide vital knowledge so that everyone can do recycling at home – and make a little money on the side.


Where do you bring metals for recycling?

Instead of your trash going to the landfill, there are scrap yards that buy metal recyclables. Some think that these places are only good if you plan to dispose of big items like an old car or appliances. But, they recycle all types of metal waste in these yards. Although they cater to big clients like construction companies and the industrial sector, individuals and homeowners are welcome too.

What type of metals are recyclable and worth some money?

You might ask yourself, what type of metals should you bring to a scrap metal yard for money? Here is a guide on what to look for in your household waste.

Copper. Out of all recyclable metals in your home, copper is worth the most money. It’s usually reddish or brown in color with a hint of green in rusty areas. It’s common in pipes used for plumbing as well as roofing materials. Wiring also contains copper under the insulation.
Brass. You may find brass in old bathroom and light fixtures. It’s typically heavy and yellow. Next to copper, brass is a mid-priced metal when recycled.
Aluminum. This metal is likely the most abundant in households. You can collect aluminum drink cans. But apart from these, you can also find aluminum in window frames and sliding doors. This metal may not be worth much, but recycling is important to reduce the energy used in manufacturing new aluminum.
Steel. Steel is one of the most commonly recycled metals around the world. It’s used in everything from construction materials and cars to household items. You may find plenty of recyclable steel at home, but it isn’t worth much money. Nevertheless, taking time to collect steel for recycling is a big help for the environment.



You can also identify recyclable metal by using a magnet. If a metal sticks, then it’s steel. Anything that doesn’t stick is either copper, aluminum, or brass.

Before going to a recycling center or scrap yard, make sure to call them first. Ask about their guidelines as well as which metals they accept or buy. They will give you tips on how to separate metals before bringing them in. Calling ahead will save you plenty of time. Also, by asking for information, you can avoid feeling intimated about bringing recyclable metal for the first time.