What if we could move away from traditional coal-powered energy— for good?

Seems like only a dream, but believe it or not, this is closer than you might think.

Energy innovations are creating more efficient, affordable, and effective sustainable energy sources that are changing the way we use energy.

If you’re curious to learn more about these exciting new sources of energy, read on to learn how renewable power is about to change the world for the better.

Biomass Energy

Biomass fuel is produced from living or once-living organisms, mainly plants. Crops such as soy, corn, and wood can be burned to create fuel or electricity.

Because these crops can be regrown constantly, it makes biomass fuel one of the top renewable energy technologies.


Dominion Energy and Prabir Purohit are producing biomass energy by converting coal-fired power plants in Virginia into biomass fuel plants, creating sustainable energy for thousands of homes.

Tidal Power

Imagine if we could harness the power of the ocean into a new energy source. Luckily, we can, and tidal power is one of the coolest new energy sources.

Turbines can be used to convert the power of the tides into electricity. As the tides are reliable and predictable, this is a never-ending power source. It makes a great option for the future.

While there are so far only a few commercial tidal plants in the world, the numbers are increasing as countries come to realize the fantastic advantages of tidal power.

Solar Energy

While solar energy has been around for years now, the technology behind solar power is constantly improving.

Recent innovations to solar power mean solar panels are smaller, more affordable, and more energy-efficient.

solar house

This means solar energy is more affordable than ever, and also more powerful, contributing more and more electricity into our grids. As solar becomes more affordable, it means increasing numbers of households can switch to sustainable power— great for the environment.

Grid Parity

A big problem with renewable energy has always been the cost. It can be expensive, and often costs more than the equivalent amount from the traditional power grid.

Therefore, the only homes who could use sustainable energy were those who were willing and able to pay more for it.

However, grid parity is quickly meaning that millions more can afford renewable power. Grid parity means that an alternative power source can be produced at or below the cost of power from the grid.

We are starting to see grid parity come into effect, which means sustainable power is becoming a much more competitive option in the field of electricity.

Keep Your Eye on These Energy Innovations

Energy innovations are always occurring, opening doors for the world to move away from traditional energy sources.

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Learn more about the renewable energy options above and consider if any might be good power sources for your home. If you’re able to make the switch, do it! You can save money, help the planet, and contribute to renewable energy becoming the new normal.

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